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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Rabbits Need ID Tags

This morning Hopper wasn't waiting on the cement for his food. This picture was from last week. Then I saw him sitting near some equipment watching me so I started telling him to come eat breakfast. He wouldn't move, so I said okay after all the bull loading, cowboy on horseback, and trailer noise you are probably  too rattled to trust me. As I walked off another rabbit scooted under the fence from the side of the cattle pens and headed to the table, note little clean spot on the cement. Oh wrong rabbit I was talking to. Hopper wasn't bashful he stepped right up. I was closer then in this picture and I snapped some pictures with my one-time use camera. He didn't even run off, just jumped a little when the flash flashed. I'm so glad we don't have anyone living out there who shoots everything that moves. Well! Big Boy went to auction, can you believe he weighed 2,000 pounds? We think the auction owner is going to keep him. The cowboy told him what a tame bull he is as Cowboy has worked cattle out there for John for years and knows his cattle. Big Boy has been out there for eight or nine years. Born there and never been off the place. Anyway we decided we had better check on Young Guy to see how he is handling his job as king of the ladies. Not sure he realizes his responsibility yet. He looks just like Big Boy, black as night even though they are no kin. He is smaller of course and much younger. So on with life at the ranch.


TexWisGirl said...

well, hope big boy can live a while longer. :)

you need to catch the rabbits and put tags on their ears. :)

jack69 said...

You are right, they need some ID. However, I would take bets that you have two rabbits soon. LOL
Ahhh, now Young guy will handle the Job, However Imma thinking he doesn't consider it a JOB!
Love the ranch tales also.


I guess it is hard to know which rabbit is which. Glad Hopper showed up to eat. I bet YOUNG GUY is up to the challenge.


I can't help myself....2000 pounds?!!!----that's a lotta bull!!! [play on words intended]

Cindi said...

if you gonna tag, better get different colors

Jon said...

Beautiful flowers on your header photo. Wow, 2,000 lbs. of bull would make one heckuva barbecue!

Weekend-Windup said...

Rabbits are brave enough to fight with humans!

Jimmy's Journal said...

I can usuall tell most animals apart by their markings, but here in South Florida, we have what some people call swamp rabbits. Every single one of them look alike. Never seen any with irregular markings.

I just call them all "Rabbit", the same way my Dad used to refer to our cat as aimply "Cat".