This Way To My Blog

This Way To My Blog

Monday, June 23, 2014

Seems my country tales have got up and went. I could list all the animals we see each day but that could get boring. It is so hot some days I plead off with needing to do housework. Today we got ready to leave and another flat tire. Not cactus thorns or mesquite this time. A nail that could have come from anywhere. Besides not having anything to write about I'm not able to get into all the blogs I like to read. I don't know what's going on with that. Just a note to say I'm still here and reading and commenting when and where I can.


Jon said...

Paula, everybody is having the same problem with Blogger. It's really frustrating.
I wrote a post about it today, but then I reverted it to a draft (I might post it again). Anyway, I'm hoping the Blogger problem will be fixed soon.

I love your header photo, with the barn and tree shadow. It's fantastic!

jack69 said...

I'm with Jon, same problem. I am allowed to see one blog then that is it. I always enjoy hearing from you, just for a sweet contact. I too love the header. I like the vertical planks on the barn.
Love from NC.


I am having the same problem too. Only seeing one blog at a time. I put up a new blog post and it's frustrating nobody can see it.


I had that problem last DOES clear out, but I understand the frustration...been there.

Besides, summer is such a busy time of year for everyone with something or, no frets.

We all love ya bunches.

Mike said...

Like you, my stories of memory have all gone into hiding and I'm stuck with posting pictures. blah.

I stopped using Blogger as a roll and switched to feedly. I get all my blogs in one happy place.

Of course, I still use Blogger for my posts.

TexWisGirl said...

i use feedly to read all my blogs from. they were hacked a few weeks ago, but thankfully got back to normal rather quickly. i don't rely on my blog roll as it is too persnickety. :)

linda said...

Same problem with Blogger in Tennessee...I keep going back, hoping it has been corrected, but as of now, nada. Maybe soon.