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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Rabbits Didn't Fall Off The Turnip Truck Yesterday

You've heard that old saying about the turnip truck? I'm saying these south Texas rabbits aren't dumb. They know how to stay out of this terrible heat. We were late going out to the ranch today because of other commitments first. At 9:30 in the morning there was not a rabbit in sight and usually we see bunches of them now, cottontails and jackrabbits. Even the turkeys were not at the pens. It was just as if something swooped down and took all the animals away. We rode around a little opening gates that had been closed for working cattle in preparation for selling at auction. Not as many big babies around and the Mama's were not even complaining, just standing under the trees chewing their cud. We haven't had any triple digits yet but it is sooo hot we have to do anything that needs to be done early because even when the sun goes down it is still hotter then blazes.


TexWisGirl said...

98 here the past few days, too. blasted hot.

Anonymous said...

Many animals appear to be quite more intelligent than your average human. You give them the in-depth consideration they deserve, & recognize how bright they are. I think some people are a touch frightened to admit just how smart animals may be.

jack69 said...

Yessiree, they are referred to as DUMB ANIMALS, by humans who get heats stroke. (smile)


What a sweet little bunny.