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Friday, August 15, 2014

More Progress and Less Nature

Two days ago they arrived down and across the street with Bull dozers and went to work. We knew it was coming but didn't know when. we still don't know what is coming but what ever it is, it's going to be large. I'm thinking housing development. So far they have left two big beautiful oak trees but cleared out the small mesquites. We liked our neighborhood because we were close to the highway with all the businesses we need and had some neighbors. We still had the country too, lots of brush and trees and home for wild animals. When it rains we have a pond and a creek bed. One day I saw a fawn walk from the grown up area and go to the Senior citizens apartment yard. One day a deer ran along side my truck for a ways. John used to see a fox in a neighbor's yard when he walked early in the morning. We used to hear coyotes at night. It even feels hotter in our neighborhood with all the brush and trees cut down to the west of us. I'm sad, I want my wildlife home back.


TexWisGirl said...

i'm sad, too. i'm a terribly nimby when it comes to progress (Not In My Back Yard).

S. J. Qualls said...

Sounds ghastly, sorry for you. Seems a bit much. I sure hope it's not Wally World!

jack69 said...

Yeah, it is definitely upsetting to have the trees and lands cleared. In my home town the small builder cannot do that, but the guy with a name can and does. After all the rules were in place I was at the council meeting when one of the leading city fathers was building on 400 acres. the attorney said, "And make no mistake about it, this area will be clear cut." Not one council member nor the mayor said a word.
But Money and name talk, always have.

Paula said...

No S.J. won't be a Walmart, we already have that right up the street on the highway. Jack the man who owns this property had it passed down from his parents and he has already made lots selling to businesses on the highway. I'm sure he holds a lot of clout.


So sad what has happened to the property near you. We watched a house get torn down here and a car wash put in it's place in a residential neighborhood cause zoning allowed it.