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Thursday, September 25, 2014

I Can't Believe I Did This

When we were eating supper I was telling John Susie is on a hunger strike. She used to eat dry cat food and a little soft and a little milk at times. When she stopped eating dry I thought maybe her teeth or gums hurt since she is so old. I started giving her only what she liked in soft food line. Now she only wants people food (meat) which I don't always have. I told John about a friend of mine who has a neighbor who drives to Whataburger to buy a hamburger patty for her dog. He told me you can go to Church's Fried Chicken to buy a $1.00 chicken sandwich for Susie. That isn't any more expensive then the sardines. Then I told him about neighbors we had at one time in San Antonio who cooked T-bone steak for her two little poodle dogs. She didn't have any teeth so she couldn't eat it her self. Okay lets do it I said. When we went through the drive-thru the lady said you only want one $1.00 chicken sandwich? I guess she thought we were going to share. When we got home I cut it in small pieces to make two meals. We'll see how long she will like this. This is an old picture of her. Susie looks thin and tufts of hair are coming out. She made it last winter with a heater in the garage and this summer with a fan. She is quite a girl.


jack69 said...

You shoulda took Susie along to order! (smile) I hope she eats and enjoys the sandwich.
I like the idea of the t-bone. (smiling!


Sounds like a plan. I bet she loves her chicken.

S. J. Qualls said...

I would have done the same thing! How did she like it?


We'll do anything and everything to keep our fur babies with us for as long as we can. It sounds selfish probably but we can't help lovin' 'em!!!

TexWisGirl said...

i'd give her anything she'd eat, too. bless you.

i used to treat the dogs with $1 cheeseburgers from mcdonalds - meat and cheese only - after one of them went to the vet. :)

Sheila Y said...

I have bought a grilled chicken biscuit at Biscuitville (breakfast place here) for a treat for our dogs. Just the chicken, not the biscuit. But Rylie needs to lose weight so I haven't done it in a while. Hope you have a good weekend, Sheila

salemslot9 said...

I remember Susie
liked yer salmon
don't tell your John
does she fancy
regular tuna
in a can?
if, you make
ground beef or turkey
take a lil bit out
before you add
your other ingredients
love to your
sweet Susie!

Brandi said...

Sheesh, I sound just as bad as your neighbors! I treat my dogs to Mc D's after we've gone on a long walk. Kinda defeats the purpose, huh?! I hope your kitty feels better. I bet she enjoyed her chicken treat.

Kath said...

She sure has a kind hearted Mama.I am sure she will have enjoyed it, by the time my comment comes through LOL!! Have a great weekend Paula.Bless Susie, she's a star.Take Care God Bless Kath xx