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This Way To My Blog

Friday, April 17, 2015

Build Me A Dream

Build me a dream, make it shimmer and shine. Make it very special and make it all mine. 
Fill it with rainbows, make the colors bright. Teach me to not have fear to step into the night.
Give me lots gold and silver, but only in my dreams. Shine and polish until it gleams.
Build me a dream and don't forget the sun, give me the energy to jump, play, and run.
Fill it with raindrops to fall upon my head, teach me of life to not have any dread.
Give me birds singing in the sky so blue. Make me know them, as to nature they are true.
Build me trees flowers, and grass so green. Make it the most beautiful anyone has ever seen.
Then give me some people who are honest and straight, make me appreciate this dream before it's too late.
To the great builder let me bow my head in prayer, show God and the people that I do always care.
Build me a dream with all these things in mind and help me to my fellow man to always be kind.


TexWisGirl said...

wonderful, paula.

jack69 said...

I always enjoy your style in poetry, it is always so REAL, and thanks again for allowing me to use one in my up coming book. I hope you like the book.

Love and hugs to the RAncher John!

Jon said...

This is such a touching poem, Paula, truly beautiful. Your feelings are warm and heartfelt. Thanks for sharing it.


What a BEAUTIFUL poem. Filled with wisdom. Love the picture too.

Kathy said...

What a sweet poem! It was a great way to start my day.

Lux G. said...

How poignant, dear.
I hope you're having a wonderful weekend.


You wrote this?!!!!

I am in total awe. It's wonderful Paula.

Kath said...

You are a great poet Paula..Love this one.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Barbara In Caneyhead said...

Oh, Paula! What a lovely poem! It sounds and sings like worship. And the picture you posted with it, just capped it off!

Thank you for sharing this, my lovely blogging friend.

Manzanita said...

Your poem reaches out in simple humility and brings us all a little closer to the divine.
Is that picture of you? You are truly beautiful.

Cher' Shots said...

I love how your words speak. It has to touch every reader in one way or another. Excellent.
'love & hugs from afar'