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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

My Answer

I was told the metal object in my last entry is a sink for washing dishes in a restaurant or a drug store. It is deep and has a drain in the bottom so Theresa was the closest guess. I used to plant flowers in it, I should do that again. I have reason to believe that is what it is because my deceased husband worked as a Commercial Refrigeration Mechanic. The company he worked for sometime bid on the equipment being sold from an old drug store. If they won, then besides the equipment they wanted for parts or to repair they had to clear out the whole building. The company had no use for some of the old stuff that had been there for years so the boss would send a couple of men to clear it out and take to the dump. He didn't care what they did with it, just get rid of it. Once in a while Mel would find something interesting and bring it home. So I think this is how I have fallen heir to this. Once he brought home an old carton of baby bottles. They were ones before my time of having babies. They were a flat bottle and the nipple stretched over the top. The odd looking thing about them was they had a thermometer on the side of the bottle to measure the warmth of the milk.


TexWisGirl said...

hooray for rinse tub! :)


What an interesting story. A one of a kind flower planter. LOVE it.

Barbara In Caneyhead said...

Interesting how we end up with things, isn't it?

jack69 said...

I never saw bottles like you described, but having the thermometer wuld have been a good idea. I never got the hang of measuring the heat on the inside of muy fore arm. Sherry could do it.

That could be a galvanized sink from an Air Force mess hall. (smile) I am very familiar with them. hahahahaha