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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Birthplace Of The Cowboy Getting Back In Order

The rain has stopped for now, the sun is shining, only  a few streets are blocked off. Lots of street repair to be done. The river is back in it's banks and the park is open except one area where the bank washed out to make the river much wider in one small area. About 5oo feet of railroad tracks had to be replaced. 32 cars left the tracks and 27 cars derailed onto their side while five remained upright. They are thinking it was weather related but haven't ruled that for sure yet. On the bright side, no one was hurt or killed. Passenger cars do not go through our town, it is all freight. We drove through the park after lunch seeking out the ducks. They were hungry and ready to eat the bread crumbs. We have noticed a certain number of ducks will be in the same area and when we go back the same number and same ones will be in the same area. One of the perks of being old, noticing the habits of ducks, and other odd bit of info.


TexWisGirl said...

glad waters have receded. smiling at you feeding the ducks. :)

Kathy said...

I hope your sunshine lasts. I don't have too much hopes for that here for at least another week. Some of our farmers are in fear of losing their hay crops. It's too wet to be mowed. Even if it could be mowed it wouldn't dry out and would mold on the ground before it could be baled. If it can't be cut soon it will be too high for the hay mowers and the entire crop could be lost. We've had too much of a good thing here in East Texas. I heard the other day that Dallas got 21 inches of rain in 2014. As of the middle of May this year they are at 20 inches. I still can't get in my bottom pasture. The feral hogs are on the rampage with all this wet earth. They have created havoc in my yard and a little hay meadow alongside the driveway three times in as many weeks.

LV said...

Being in Texas, I truly understand the weather situation. More coming too.


Thank goodness all that rain has stopped and the flood waters have receded. I love looking at ducks too. You are right they are fascinating.