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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A Relaxing Morning

I've been drinking my coffee and watching a squirrel steal our pecans. He is so cute I  don't even care. He runs up the tree, grabs a pecan and runs into the yard to bury it, but I can tell he/she doesn't like the wet grass because he/she kind of tip toes as it runs. Bringing back memories of my  elderly neighbor, Holly, when I lived in san Antonio. She had tall pecan trees and depended on the pecans as part of her income so she didn't like the squirrels stealing but yet she didn't want to kill them so she trapped them with a "have a heart trap" and transported them in the trunk of her car to a cemetery to release them. She is buried in that same cemetery now. I'm thinking the ancestors of the squirrels she released now play on her grave. I don't think she would mind. Holly taught me how to tell a good pecan from a bad pecan when it still had the shell on. She taught me to hold the pecan in the palm of my hand and kind of bounce my hand up and down to tell the weight of the pecan. If light there was no meat inside. If heavy it was a good pecan. Nice memory of Holly her pecans and squirrels this morning.


jack69 said...

Now lady, this is one sweet entry. I love your imagination. I picture as a dreamer. I just put together an entry on dreamers.
I like the thoughts of the squirrel's ancestors playing on Holly's grave, I bet you are the only one who has 'thunk' it. yes, sweet.
Love from NC

S. J. Qualls said...

Sweet post. Our crows steal the pecans before the squirrels would have a chance.

salemslot9 said...

the squirrels enjoy
the acorns from
our tree in
the back yard
it gets messy
but, the tree
gives us shade
and the squirrels
are fun, too

Jon said...

I love to watch squirrels, and there were so many in Texas - - always taking the pecans from my trees.

Squirrels abound here in the TN mountains but they're more difficult to see (because of all the good hiding places).

TexWisGirl said...

a sweet post. :)

Sheila Y said...

Such sweet memories. I like watching squirrels, we have little bunnies too though I haven't seen them lately. They are probably grown and gone, have to wait for the next batch. Take care and have a great weekend, Sheila

Linda Kay said...

So great that you could take the time to have a cuppa coffee and enjoy the squirrel. My Polly would be totally intrigued with the squirrel and probably barking her head off.

troutbirder said...

Indeed. My GSD is obsessed with chasing them but never catches any...:)

Rose said...

I would be just like you about not minding the squirrels if the nuts weren't an income, but if they were, I would be doing what Holly did. I bet she was a wonderful neighbor!

Kathy said...

I have four Havahart traps of three sizes! When my mother was alive she didn't like the squirrels stealing seed from the bid feeders, so I did like Polly, trapped them and took them across the river to be with their long-lost cousins!

Lori said...

We have to put things out for our squirrels; no nut trees in our yard. But I do enjoy watching them. Thomas would LOVE to have a pecan tree. That is his favorite nut. There were pecan trees at a neighbor's house when he was growing up and he got to pick them sometimes. They were old trees, huge. They had been around a very long time. I wonder if they are still there.