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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Once A Cat Lover, Always A Cat Lover

I swore I would not get another cat after Susie died last summer. It was hard on me taking care of her the last few weeks. On my knees in the yard feeding her with a spoon and giving her water with a dropper. I do put scraps out for the neighborhood cats instead of throwing it in the garbage. Well guess what? One grey cat with a solid white kitten following behind learned to check my scrap pile location a couple of times a day. She didn't come around for a few days so I tried to tell myself that was a good thing. Then we started opening the back door just to see if she was there. When she came back she was minus her cute little baby. Now John is worse then I am about her. When I told him I wasn't buying any more cat food, just giving her scraps he ask me how much does cat food cost? Now she lays in the shade on the garbage can to await her meals served. At supper I ask John what did you name her? Cat, he said. You should have seen the big rib bone she had for supper.


Terri @ Coloring Outside the Lines said...

Cat= I love the name! It won't be long and you will "own" this one. Cats are so hard to resist. Puppies, too, but I have a soft spot for the kitties!

jack69 said...

Awwww such an easy home. The cat has won the lottery! food and love for life, what more could she ask for.
Yep, love does not know the word NO or NEVER!
Good for you!

Jon said...

It's impossible for a cat lover to say "no" to a stray cat. I think you and John have a new member in your family (two, with the kitten).

I always said I only wanted ONE cat - - and now I have three, thanks to the ones that my neighbor abandoned in Texas....but I love them and would never give them up.

Keep us updated on your new furry friends.

TexWisGirl said...

aww. that's sweet! she needs your love and care. :)

Sheila Y said...

Made me smile! I hope the kitten shows up. Take care, Sheila

salemslot9 said...


I'd like to see
that lil baby

your John is a keeper


Rose said...

Cats and puppies are so hard to resist...even harder to see them go hungry. It breaks my heart to see them dropped off out in the country. all skin and bones. Most of my cats come to me in ways similar to this. I have sworn no more after these three...but we shall see if I am up to it.

Kathy said...

Ithishad to chuckle when I read ths one.i

Beate said...

Such a sweet story! It's impossible to resist a kitty once they made their way into our hearts <3
She's a lucky girl that she has found you two :)
Lots of hugs to you, Paula. I hope you are doing well!

Lori said...

Cats choose us, you know. You didn't have any say in the matter at all. :)

Jimmy's Journal said...

We had so many cats and dogs back in the day that imaginative names soon fell by the wayside, replaced by Mama cat, boy cat and the like. We loved them just as much, though.


Wendy said...

Ha ha ha too funny!! So is Cat still hanging around?