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Friday, January 8, 2016

Coffee Mugs

Jack's entry at Shipslog started out about coffee mugs, so it reminded me of my collection of coffee mugs. Do you collect them and if you do, do you have one with a favorite saying on it or one with the most meaning to you? Back in the 70's the filling station I used gave a mug with each fill-up. They were mugs with a different horoscope each week. They are black with gold lettering. After I collected several it came to me to try to get all twelve horoscopes. The operator of the station would let me bring one back to trade if I happen to already have the one they gave that week. It didn't take many weeks to have them all since I was taking my girls to school and back and their many activities. I filled my car with gasoline most every week. I've had them packed away for years after giving them to a friend who is much more interested in horoscopes then I am. Along the years she moved away and we've lost contact so she never came to pick them up. Now I'm glad I still have them because they are very pretty and they remind me of those years because at the time we were having to wait in line for gasoline. I don't remember why. I should get those coffee mugs out and find a way to display them.


Lux G. said...

I really don't collect anything though now I'm starting on ref magnets from places I visit. :)

I know people who collect mugs though. Beautiful items to collect.

Happy 2016!

jack69 said...

My favorite coffee cup is still the Dodge City cup. The right size and feels good, but the chip and crack bother me.
But since we live in a motor home, the collecting is out. I remember my mama collected glasses from detergent boxes, I think.

S. J. Qualls said...

I don't collect coffee cups, but I do have a special one that my son gave me. I seem to collect "stuff" without meaning to ...

salemslot9 said...

Let's go to
Atlantic City
mug from my Mom
once, just the two of us went there
we had a great time
my Mom has a set of glasses
she got from the gas station
many years ago
they are very pretty


Oh yes....display them. They're not only treasures from the past, but would give a little sparkle to you day.

Bud collects coffee cups. Mostly anything to do with NAVY. [I have some for holidays...Christmas, Easter, Halloween, and even one from our daughter, Irene, for Mother's Day]

jack69 said...

Hey, I like Bud, it makes sense to collect "NAVY". Smile!

troutbirder said...

Yup two collections here. Mine big ugly and with handles big enough for three fingers. Here pretty petite and beautiful. We never use each others...:)

Jon said...

I love coffee mugs and have a huge collection. I never purposely collected them - they just sort of accumulated. I'm glad that you still have the horoscope mugs and I think it would be nice to display them.

I remember when I was a small kid and gas stations used to give away free glasses. I still have three of them from my parent's collection. They have pictures of Arizona cactus (cacti) on them.

TexWisGirl said...

they sound cool. i like horoscope stuff and used to read more about them than i do these days/years. :)

Rose said...

I don't collect anything, but the funny thing is I look at coffee mugs quite often. I have one that has apples on that I love and one that a friend gave me that says 'Sew much fabric, sew little time' and I love it.

Beate said...

These mugs that you collected sound beautiful and what a wonderful memory you connect with them :)
I'd probably just start using them so I can see them all the time :)
I kind of collect Starbucks mugs, I like that they are so big so lots of tea fits into them ;)

Have a wonderful and relaxed Sunday!
Lots of hugs to you,

Leilani Lee said...

I don't collect coffee mugs but my friend has one that I love -- it says "Generic Coffee mug" in big letters and there is a whole bunch of other writing on the side that I can't remember