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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Have You Ever Ate Fried Fish For Breakfast?

I've ate some strange things for breakfast. This morning it was cold fried fish and hot tea. I haven't been to the ranch with John to feed the cattle in a while so I decided it was time to go but John is in such a hurry after I'm ready and have my I-Pad, purse, jacket, travel cup I have to grab something to eat on the way for breakfast. Never mind that I drop crumbs, he isn't in to clean trucks. I would be ready to kill if anyone ate this breakfast in my truck. Anyway I found one piece of cold fried fish and an orange. Grabbed a coffee pod and made what I thought was coffee for my travel cup. Mistake, it was tea and I don't even like hot tea but we're on our way without too much rushing and fussing. After the cows were fed we drove around a little and saw two big black wild hogs running in the brush line, first we've seen in a while. So glad hunting season is over. Now we can go to the back forty because the owner of the land won't be hunting back there and the gates are open for the cattle to graze back there. We saw deer running along the deer proof fence line. They were desperate to get on the other side but can't jump that high fence so we turned and went back down the lane so as not to scare the deer and make them hurt themselves running into the fence while trying to get through. It was nice weather in the truck but a little breezy out side the truck. Starting to need some rain as usual here in south Texas.


Jean said...

Good to see a post from you. I'm like you I like to keep my truck and car clean. I take a plastic grocery bag along in case. Tea for me would taste better then coffee with cold fish. Smile. Take care Jean

jack69 said...

We have Salmon and egg at times, but it is hot and not in a truck.LOL To be honest it sounds like fun 'cept the tea/coffee thing. LOL
But then maybe Jean has a point, tea with cold fish! (smile).

A cowgirl's life is tough!

Love sent from a WET Florida!

S. J. Qualls said...

Coffee, none for me, thanks - that hot tea would be fine, or cold. I'm easy. Have had cold fish for breakfast many times, I am all for quick breakfasts.

Nice that you had decent weather to go out in, today!


I've never had COLD fried fish, but I've had HOT fried fish when out camping long ago, when living in Colorado. Fried fish and hash browns are good by an open campfire.

I would have loved seeing both the hogs AND the deer.

TexWisGirl said...

made me laugh on your grab-n-go breakfast. :)

Rose said...

I have eaten cold friend fish...Yummy if they are spring fresh fish. I swear there is a difference. But have not had it on the go, but have had it while hurry around to get ready to go. LOL

Sheila Y said...

Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to get out the door...ha. But, no I don't think I've eaten fish for breakfast. Have a great week, Sheila

Manzanita said...

You are so thoughtful of the deer. I'm sure they know and
appreciate it. I grew up eating fish, three times a day, always
for breakfast too, hot or cold. It was during the depression and
we lived on the shoreline of a lake. I'm sure we would have
starved if it hadn't been for those dear fish in the lake. LOL

Wendy said...

Sounds like a good morning! We are really in need of rain here, praying this isn't the beginning of another drought!