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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

First There Was One

Then there was five, now there are four. I told John cats have kittens and she did. He is surprised how much food a cat and her three kittens can eat. One kitten was run over and killed in the intersection while we were gone one day. The funny thing is one kitten was doing a strange thing today. Our dryer vent is not far from the back door. I kept finding the outside part on the ground. I kept putting it back on. Finally I took some grey (to match the brick) masking tape and taped it on. John found one of the kittens trying to get it off. It was not playing it was working hard trying to get that part off which would have exposed a round hole where the lint and air comes out. Why did that kitten want that off so badly? The cats don't go in the house and don't try to so I'm wondering if the cat smelled a mouse or rat that had gone in that vent. I hope not but people are having trouble with rats this year. We even saw one in the intersection by the post office in the middle of the day, not dead either. A friend told me her tenant told her she had a rat in her mobile rental and the rat ate a hole all the way through her purse getting to a cookie that she had left in it. I wish I had thought to make a video of the kitten with such intent to get that vent opened up.



Cats like to cuddle in tight spaces like they are still inside their mommas. On the other hand they are notorious for getting into trouble with their mischief. That incident you describe would have made a cute video, for sure. I hope is was not a RAT, the kitten was smelling. There is nothing creepier to me than a RAT, unless it's a snake.

jack69 said...

I always wondedr about animal actions. It would be nice if we could 'TAlk to the Animals' Like Dr Dolittle.. (smile) Sure makes you want to know.

Jon said...

It's difficult to tell what a cat is up to. She could just be playing around - - but if she's very persistent, as you described, she must be after something. I sure hope it's not a rat.


What a cute video that would have made. Y'wonder what it was after...perhaps the darkness, the a womb?

TexWisGirl said...

yeah, might have been mouse droppings or something.

S. J. Qualls said...

Years ago, when one of our cats was a kitten, she was banned from the house because she wouldn't use the kitty box. When we came home from work, there she was - in the kitchen! This happened day after day. DH crawled under the house and found a small space between the dryer hole and the floor. He left the hole (it was summer) and she used the space like a cat door, never doing her thing in the house again. She turned into the smartest cat and the best mouser we ever had. She passed when she was about 17.

salemslot9 said...

even before I read
S. J. Qualls comment
I was thinkin'
this could be an
extra special kitten
they're all special
but, sometimes
one will stand out
in a good way

Leilani Lee said...

We have open warfare with rats -- these are "pack rats" or wood rats -- not the Norwegian rats that one hears about in New York. They are so incredibly destructive. Richard came up on a small hawk the other day on the driveway that had caught one. Yea!