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This Way To My Blog

Monday, October 10, 2016

Ole' Honest Abe

Okay I know you are tired of hearing about this disease I have and I'm tired of talking about it. (MDS)  Just want to share this with you first. A woman on Facebook whom I have known a long time questioned my honesty about it saying if you have it followed by ???. It made me angry, but at the same time it made me chuckle and think I really don't know people I have only met on the internet and they don't know me. In high school I was dubbed as Ole Honest Abe. In my small country school the Principal and Superintendent both had to teach classes besides their duties as the positions they held. This made them late to class often as they had to meet with a parent or some other appointment leaving the class alone. One day the Principal was late to our senior history class. The whole room was teeming with noise and talking when he finally walked into class. His words were okay everyone who was talking raise their hand. My little hand slowly raised and when I looked around there was not another hand up. My classmate and neighbor started calling me Ole Honest Abe.


S. J. Qualls said...

I don't understand. She thought you were making it up? Why in God's name would anyone make something like that up? Time to unfriend her, you don't need that upset.

Am happy to see you occasional post and sincerely hope the treatments are helping you. Always happy to see you here, H. Abe!

Donna Wood said...

I only know you from following your blog for years, but you are the last person I would expect to make something like that up!

TexWisGirl said...

honesty is a rare trait these days. you go, girl.

salemslot9 said...

that lady has a suspicious screw loose
it hurts in 'real' life
when you have to cut loose
a friend you thought of as a sister
I believe you
I believe in you, Paula
belated birthday wishes

Mary Degli Esposti said...

Glad again that I don't "do" FB, but that isn't all that uncommon. I worked with someone who was managing a breast center when she was dx'd with breast cancer. She went to NY instead of using her own facility. One of the nurses at her facility gave her a book about people who fake cancer for attention. It actually took the woman with cancer a while to figure out the nurse thought she was making her cancer up.

Even without the Honest Abe story, you come across Extremely real & honest, Pauline.

Jean said...

I'm not much into fb only thing I use it to follow family if I didn't I wouldn't ever know what was going on with them. I do save some recipes that are posted on there. Some people on fb can say some hurting thing don't let them get to you. Take care. Jean

jack69 said...

Mary is becoming more active in comments, she has such a great insight and an ability to express it. I just wanted to give an amen, ditto to what she said.

Since I started following you on AOL and then Blogger you have always been tops. The short meeting we had with you and John just whetted my appetite to know you better.

I have no doubt that you fit in the category of 'Honest Abe'.

I hope you are doing great. I loved the entry yesterday!

Lux G. said...

FB could be a little too much for me sometimes. If not for the pages I manage, I think I deactivated a long time.


I have, at least I think so, a good judgement of character. I too would call you "Honest "paul"

ps...Yay!!! I'm here, getting around to visiting my Blogger buddies! You're on my list of catching up with since my week's absence. I'm so happy I stopped by today.

I hope you're feeling much better today than yesterday.

Lynne said...

I think sometimes people think they are helping with their comments when really someone should give them an old "Gibbs Slap to the Head"!