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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

I'm As Happy As A Bird

Started another round of Chemo today on a lower dose then the previous four. Had blood work that I wasn't expecting and it showed my blood Platelets are 209. They have not been that high in forever. Of course they may and probably will go down but hopefully not dangerously low as they have been a couple of times. I'll be having a new experience tomorrow with transportation to and from my treatments at The Start Center in San Antonio. I'll be riding an ART bus. Wonderful they have these for people who have no one to help. Which I've had my daughter all this time but they have some work to do at their week-end home so its about time for her to have a break. The ART bus will pick me up at my home in time to get me there on time and maybe some one else or two to their appointment at some other medical office. Then when I'm finished I will call and they will pick me up and take me home. Maybe a wait for this trip as they could be across town or in another town. Lots of activity in this lobby so I can do a lot of people watching which I like to do.


jack69 said...

Praying the treatments work wonders. Also it is so nice to have a service for transportation. It also gives some personal feeling of satisfaction in 'not putting someone out'. I am sure the daughter doesn't matter, but I am sure it does to you. You be an independent 'cuss' at times (me thinks!). Maybe I should have said an independent Sweetie!
Love and prayers from FL

salemslot9 said...

I hope you have (had)
a good experience today Paula :)


That ART BUS sounds like a GODSEND. Hoping your treatments go smoothly.

Mary Degli Esposti said...

209 is a lovely post-holiday gift to you & your whole family. Let's just say the numbers will not go down. Here: The numbers will not go down. Medical transportation is an absolute necessity for many people; a necessity that was not always met in the past. I am pleased you are availing yourself, since I think you try to take very little from a situation, plus give all you can --under normal circumstances. This is your time to get a few of the things you've freely given to others in the past.

I so look forward to your posts.

Sheila Y said...

Good to hear the numbers were up. Hope they stay up! Praying for you! Sheila

Mary Degli Esposti said...

I read about your 30 lb weight loss on Jack's comment section. Time for pancakes & tamales :).