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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Less Freedom For The Wildlife

One part of the ranch has been sold to a neighbor. The papers were signed one day and the next day a bulldozer had taken the old fence and the brush out. Next week a what we call a deer proof fence will be up. It will be high and good. No deer or wildlife will be able to cross it or jump it. You wouldn't believe how many of the ranches have sold and gone to this type of fencing. A lot of people stop farming and lease their land for hunting. Most add exotic deer for a big business. So sad. I'm not against hunting for meat but for sport? The landlady of the second part of the ranch has just passed so if her sons sell (probably to the neighbor also) that will leave a high and dry middle of the ranch where the farm house and pens and stock tank is. Just 85 acres with the only access for wildlife is from across the Farm-To-Market road. After a few years the old owners there will be gone and it will probably fall to high tight fences. No freedom for the wildlife. Progress yes, the way south Texas used to be, gone. I'm sad.
We had wild hog meat for supper last week but it wasn't shot behind a high fence. That hog had a chance.


S. J. Qualls said...

That's just sad. :(


so sad.

jack69 said...

I have been a hunter (off and on) all my life. I never harvested big game. WE enjoyed Rabbit and squirrel. Mama made the best squirrel gravy, I still miss it.

But the type of hunting I see and hear in Texas is spreading. It actually seems like a sick sport when shooting penned animals (no matter how big the pen!) I like it to a slaughter house.

I do respect the hunter that traps and hunts for food and as a livelihood. It is a tested and true way of life and serves a purpose in many ways, my feelings parallel yours.


Wild does wild hog taste like? Pork you buy? I've never had it. Deer, Buffalo, Elk, Pheasant, Turkey that I can think of...but not wild hog.

Mary Degli Esposti said...

We are animals, too. But humans for entirely self-serving reasons have decided that we are the Better, more important animals. We are wrong, but then we are wrong about so many things.

Lori said...

It is sad. The same type of thing is happening around here as well.