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Monday, March 20, 2017

A Fight Between Me And A Dog

I guess I'm an over grown kid because I like silly little things in my yard and I get attached to them. When I first bought my house in 2000 I had this plastic rabbit (the one with the tall ears) in a flower bed in the back yard. Behind my lot was just like pasture and the next street over was a dead end. They opened the street up and started building houses behind my house. One day I noticed my rabbit was gone. I didn't think anyone had been in my back yard and who would want a cheap plastic rabbit anyway? There was no fence between me and the new house they were building behind my lot so I went on a search. The house was only framed so I could step right in. No rabbit, until I looked in to where a closet was going to be. Sure enough there was the bunny. Humm, how did that rabbit get there? I put it back in my flower bed. The end of next day no rabbit in my flower bed. I knew where to look. Are these carpenters playing games with me? Then I saw that one of them was bringing his dog to work with him. Mystery solved, rabbit was getting a bit chewed up. Teeth marks and a hole in it's nose but I was determined to keep my rabbit. Childish, maybe, but I still have that beat up little rabbit. I took a picture of it today while doing yard work but couldn't get it to go here. It's looking bad and the flower bed is gone, but it sits in all it's glory in front of my storage shed. When the carpenters moved on to another location doggie had to find something else to play with in the day time to pass time. I wonder what it was?


jack69 said...

I love this, My Son Mark, always wanted a dog to take to work with him, never happened.
I like the story, You are supposed to keep what is YOURS! LOL Even a little Rabbit that does not eat!
Sending love across the Gulf...

S. J. Qualls said...

Our neighbor's littlest dog is a thief. One day it pulled Jill's radio collar off and hauled it to their house. (They are not cheap) Not knowing where it was, we bought another one. A week or so later the neighbor mentioned it. Grr! She has taken muddy flops, gloves, and brings back paper, and other garbage in trade.


glad the dog didn't destroy your bunny. and that you still have it to enjoy. my grandson saw mine in the flowerbed and insisted it come home with him and my daughter so i let it go, after 30 years.

salemslot9 said...

not childish at all

you solved
"The Case of the Missing Bunny"

Barbara In Caneyhead said...

What a tale! No pun intended. ;)

Perspectives at Life & Faith in Caneyhead #AtoZChallenge

Mary Degli Esposti said...

I'd rather have my things "borrowed" by a dog than by a person.
You aren't childish, but I think it was a sweet, gentle, child-like attachment, which is a different thing.

Rose said...

this has me smiling from ear to ear. Hubby's mom and dad lived next door to his uncle. His uncle went to work about 6:00 every day Roger's dad saw him come out and set his lunch on the hood of his car while he went back inside to get something....a neighbor's dog came along and got it. And Uncle Jack did not know what was just funny to hear them tell it.