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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Tuesday Was Ironing Day For Some

I didn't mention about the starch in yesterdays post. The women I remember had a large metal pan to boil water in and then add the starch ( before spray bottles of starch) and stir and stir but be careful not to scald yourself. Then came the sprinkling, usually from a soda bottle with a gadget with holes in it. I still had mine for years then it disappeared. When they were the dampness you wanted you sort of rolled them into a ball and put them all in a large cloth until you were ready to iron, usually the next day. In later years I remember we put them in the bottom of the refrigerator especially if you were delayed in ironing. If you waited too long they would mildew. I sure like my automatic washer and I hardly ever iron. Back then we ironed most things, pillow cases, dresser scarves and most of mine anyway was embroidered with butterflies or flowers. Our modern appliances save us so much work but it seems we are still pressed for time. I think because there is so much more business to tend to. Such as my parents never had house or car insurance or even health insurance until they got much older. So many things to occupy our time now, so many things to keep track of and meetings to go to


S. J. Qualls said...

I remember the clothes rolled up in the fridge! I hadn't thought about it being a normal thing.
Iron? I think I might still have one, although I'm not altogether sure of that.

jack69 said...

Irons, Yep I even remember the cast iron irns mama heated on the old wood stove. When I was a bout 5 she graduated to an electric plugged into a double socket that was between the light socket and the light bulb. I don't think my mama ironed sheets, but some folk did. Oh yeah I remember the clothes in the ice box. HA!
Good one lady

jack69 said...

That is cast iron ONES. MY print is so small on my comments I cannot read them hahaha (until after I click)

Hootin' ♥ Anni said...

Monday? Laundry day? Nope, not's on Saturday [for reason I don't do too much birding on the weekends 'cause of traffic on the island highway] Saturday, I stay home and do laundry.

As for the nostalgic look back for ironing...yep, I remember those days. We used to even iron Levi's!!! But today, IRON is a four letter word for me.


I hated ironing. Still do. I Just throw things in the dryer to get wrinkles out nowadays.

Paula said...

One time Mama's iron caught fire, I think it had some kind of gas in it. She threw it out the back door. Don't know if it still worked after that or not.

salemslot9 said...

my Mom used to iron
just about everything
she always made us look good
I take one item at a time
out of dryer
while it's still slightly damp
turn dryer back on
while I hang up item
so rest of laundry
is less wrinkled

Jon said...

I remember my mother sprinkling the clothes before she ironed them. I also remember her hanging them outside to dry with those wooden clothes pins. Washing clothes was an entire elaborate process back then.

Rose said...

I don't remember mom startching much at all...thank goodness. I often think along these same lines of how we have so much but seem to have so much more to take care of. sometimes I think how little the Amish have to deal with with us, it is constantly keeping an eye on the insurance as far as medical, then there is house insurance and car insurance...

Barbara In Caneyhead said...

I have the glass SUnkist bottle with the sprikle stopper on it that Mama used. Daddy wore khaki pants & white button up shirts every day. I think most things were 100% cotton back then and no perma press so ironing was only way for crisp finished look.