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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

I Like Birds

I don't like them chirping all night long in a tree right outside my bedroom window. The first night I didn't sleep until it was time to get up. Maybe it has babies in a nest in that tree. If it wanted to disturb my sleep It sure was successful. I think it is the same bird that chases all the neighborhood cats and makes them run from one car to another to keep the bird from pecking them in the head or rear end. When the cat makes a dash for underneath a vehicle the bird has to keep flying and make another try when the cat gets brave to try again to cross the street. I think this bird may be a Mockingbird, but not sure. It has about three tones. It will chirp one way for a while then switch to another, then another. I wonder what those different levels mean or what they are saying. If I didn't have close neighbors I would be tempted to spray up into the tree or shine a flashlight. I'll see if it lets me sleep tonight, if it doesn't I may have to disturb my neighbors while I'm disturbing that loud bird.


Barbara In Caneyhead said...

We had a night-bird roost in our cedar tree back some years ago. I'd start in about an hour after dark and keep it up for hours. Luckily, not by our bedroom, but so loud when we were up we'd have to turn the volume up on the TV just to near over it.
Barbara @ Caneyhead

S. J. Qualls said...

Bet it's a mockingbird. We had that problem on vacation once. Didn't get any sleep, even with earplugs. Was thrilled when we went home!

jack69 said...

Since I am deaf once the implant devces are removed, they do not bother my sleep, BUT sherry says there are a couple that stay up all night because of the big street light, and they don't know it is night. LOL

Hope you sleep tonight!


I love Mockingbirds but usually they aren't such a nuisance. Hope you get relief from the pesky bird soon.

Lori said...

It does sound like a mockingbird.

Rose said...

I am wondering, did you ever get a good night's sleep?