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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

I Shoulda Known Better

It isn't Christmas or New Years or any other holiday, what was I thinking? Trying to make chicken and dressing today. I like to line the iron skillet with heavy foil, put the dressing in and put pieces of chicken on top. Close the foil up and bake. Comes out good without so much work. Made the cornbread yesterday, got up this morning and started the process. Cooking the onions (the best part) when the phone rang. Turned to stove off to answer. What! A classmate who moved to Arizona. She talked and talked. Asking about different classmates. How could I tell her I needed to go? Lots of illnesses she had the need to talk about. Finally got back to the onions when the phone rang again. Someone trying to sell me something for wrinkles. Geeze how did she know I need that. Saw my age somewhere? Didn't waste time on her, if you got 'em, you got 'em and I got 'em. Finished up the dressing and spread it in the foiled iron skillet. Chicken sure is fat now days, cut as much as I could off for the cats. Put the chicken on top and closed the foil. Into the oven with a sigh of relief. Now to wash the greasy dishes and hands. Yeah right just the day for the city to repair something and cut the water off without telling us. Found enough water to wash my hands but the dishes await. At least we will have something good to eat and more dishes to wash when the water is back on.


Rose said...

I hope your chicken and dressing came out good!

FYI, one time when I moved here to live with my sister...she was having some work done on her house. She didn't tell me, and I don't know if she knew, they had to cut the water off for a while. I had my hair all shampooed and no water to rinse it! She called a neighbor to see if they were home...they were and I went over to their house and rinsed my hair.

jack69 said...

There is never a convenient time to lose water. YEP, we do know that frustration. I do love your 'real life entries'. You have a knack of publishing the, 'hey someone else had that problem!' entries. Love 'em.
And OH YES, the dish sounds great!


old friends do love to talk. glad your meal came out ok inspite of the long conversation.

Hootin' ♥ Anni said...

I love dressing with gobs of onion.

That gal selling wrinkle cream ... what a hoot!

Mary Degli Esposti said...

Don't answer the phone; works for me. How are you feeling?

Paula said...

Thanks for asking Mary. I feel okay as long as I don't get too tired and too hot. Our weather is very hot these days.