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Saturday, December 30, 2017

The Trick To Shopping At Walmart

Yep we found that trick this morning. Go at the crack of dawn and when it is cold. The isles are empty and the store belongs to you. What did we do before Walmart? It seems to be our recreation now days. When our first (I use  our loosely) Walmart was built we could see it from our front door in the distance of course. We soon outgrew it so they built a bigger one with groceries up the high way but still handy and open 24 hours. I've seen people talk about the way customers at Walmart dress but I've never seen anyone dressed that tacky here although we do see oil field workers or farmers and ranchers with their usual attire stopping by on their way from work. I'm sure Walmart doesn't mind  them spending their  money there in their work clothes. For me the only problem is getting my Pimento there. I don't know what that problem is. I have to drive eight miles to buy several small jars of Pimento to add to the corn or pea salads we like. 


Chatty Crone said...

I am the OFFICIAL Wallyworld Girl. I do love my WalMart. It is changing a bit with some of the employees they hire. I have seen some crazy dressers, but that is the fun of it!

Jon said...

You're right - the very best time to shop at Walmart is at the crack of dawn. Unfortunately I now live so far from Walmart that it takes forever to get there. When I lived in Texas it was within walking distance.

If you want to see weird characters in Walmart, go to San Angelo or Odessa.
Actually Odessa has two Walmarts. One is extremely bizarre but the other is more normal.

salemslot9 said...

maybe if you make a request
in person or online
they will stock your pimento

we don't usually go to Walmart
one time we stopped at one
on the way to lake haus
they had a queen size
blow up bed on sale :)

jack69 said...

Early is not me. But late-late is the same way. We do shop Walmart because they are every where and if you need prescripts filled they are the same nation wide. I play with crafts at times and the supplies are there.

jack69 said...

If you see an old bald guy wearing a 'members only' jacket and other 60's clothes, that be me! hahaha


yep. i discovered early morning excursions are best too.

Leilani Schuck Weatherington said...

You are absolutely right. Going to Walmart as early as possible in the morning is the best way, that when you struggle to figure out where they have moved something from the place it has always been, you don't have to fight the crowds to find it.