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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Wild Life

We saw a Jackrabbit last week. The first time in a long time. Hope they are making a come back. Now if we could just see a Horny Toad. I did read about some being born recently. Hope some one is trying to bring them back. They were so plentiful in the 50's, hard to believe they are almost extinct. We used to have a skunk that hung around our house. If you want to know how bad they smell read Jon's blog today. One night John looked out the window to see our cat Susie and the skunk walking side by side as if they were close friends. Late in the afternoon John and I go riding through the park then have our route just on the edge of town where we see a whole herd of deer. I stop the truck at the curb to watch the deer and they stop to watch us. Would you say mutual admiration? Now we have a coon who comes around at night seeking cat food. John has a lot that is grown up enough to give it cover. He wanted to be rid of it until we read they eat ticks, snakes and many things we don't want in our yard so he has decided to let it live on and has even told his lawn mowing boy not to harm it. We never see or hear owls here in town but a few years ago we started hearing that Who Who Who so we ran to the back window where we could make out an owl in the street light. Not long another answered and they continued their conversation into the night never to been seen or heard again. There was property at the end of our street covered with brush and trees connected with a dry creek and a small pond where wild life lived and wondered up our street at times. When the town started growing with apartments and motels someone bought that land and cleared it all out. I was so sad it ousted the wild life out.


Jon said...

Yes, Paula - I can definitely attest to the fact that skunks smell incredibly AWFUL!!! I hope the one that came here last night never comes back.

I still see coons and 'possum around here frequently but I haven't seen any white tail deer in a long time.

Linda Kay said...

We have the same issue around our town, all kinds of apartments, wineries, etc., driving out the wild life.....that is all except the possums, the armadillos, and the deer that eat our flowers.

Chatty Crone said...

Don't you think seeing all the wonderful creatures - smells and all are wonderful and who knew they helped our environment! We even get some of that here. I didn't know about the rabbits tho. sandie

jack69 said...

We have been fortunate in Texas to catch a glimpse then see up close much wild life. I actually thought the road runner was a myth until we saw a couple in the Big Bend area. I saw my first Jack Rabbit in Texas. Oh and at our camp sight near San Antonio we saw the most deer we had ever seen.

I always enjoy your posts.


glad the cat didn't get skunked. the deer sound sweet.

Hootin' Anni said...

I know just what you mean about lack of wildlife & suburban growth! Sad. (I also read where coons & opossums eat cockroaches)