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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Where Do Butterflies Go

When weather is bad and storms are brewing, where are the butterflies, what are they doing?
So very delicate and light of weight, when weather is inclimate, what is their fate?
When wind blows hard do they fall to the ground? Beautiful butterflies make no sound.
Are butterflies afraid in the dark of night, they have no weapons with which to fight.
Their beauty for us is a sight to behold. but where do they go when the weather is cold?
Colors are varied so pretty and bright, where do they go, what is their plight?
Their flight is amusing weaving in and out, I wonder if they fly a certain route.
Always wondered, guess I'll never know. When weather is bad, where do butterflies go?


Lisa said...

This is a lovely poem Paula. I love butterflies.

Joyce said...

I love butterflies and the poem is adorable.
Hugs, Joyce

Missy said...

AWW MS. Paula that poem was precious!


madcobug said...

Cute poem Paula. I have often wondered where they go in colder weather. They supposedly stay hidden when it is colder and come out when the temp reaches a certain degree. I love those things. I think they are all just one of beautiful things God created for us to enjoy. Helen

garnett109 said...

They end up in a poem on your blog! LOL! Great stuff!

jack69 said...

Me thinks they come to Florida! Ha! You got me, but they can handle some wind.