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Friday, January 16, 2009

I Feel Like A Teacher Today

Not! Now fellow bloggers I'm going to answer your questions to the best of my ability. Helen (Madcobug) it is hard to describe the post and that is not even the word I should call them. They are too fancy to be a future building and they are not shaped for that. They are larger at the bottom and get smaller at top and then look to have some sort of ball on top. Barb: The post are on hwy 37 between Pleasanton and San Antonio but closer to Pleasanton. You have to look to see them and may not see them unless you know about where they are. They sit far back except one set is kind of hidden behind a roadside park. I don't understand that question about the model airplane either. lol Garnett: It was 39 0r 40 here this morning. I know you don't think thats cold but I do. It has been in the 30's a few mornings but we are getting ready to have in the 70's during the day next week. We've seen a lot of people with knit caps on today. lol Well if someone gave them to us for Christmas we gotta wear them sometime. Shirl: Tell your brother not to be embarrassed as you may meet a rancher from Texas someday and need to know these things. Yes the cows have their babies out in the field or pasture. Some cows don't bring them up with the herd for a few days but some do. Thanks for asking.


sober white women said...

i want to see these post that you are talking about.

Rose said...

I am not asking just wishing you a happy weekend. Hope it warms up for you too!!!

I called my dad today and gave him a hard time about it being 45 in Florida, it was -20 here. It's all in what your used to!!

Missy said...

30 degrees?? That's a dream!


Joyce said...

Enjoy your weekend Paula. It was 2 degrees here this morning. UGH!
Hugs, Joyce

garnett109 said...

Could they be milestones or some sort of marker?

madcobug said...

Those post do sound weird , Thanks for explaining them more in detail. Helen

Lisa said...

I would love to see 30 degrees right now...I would love to see 20!!! You must get a picture of those posts for us so we can solve this mystery.

Shirl 72 said...

Thanks for answering my question now I know.
You know he turned 70 today. I told him his
brain cells is finally down to a manageable size. It moves my age up also.

Jack likes to travel I will send him to Texas
to check this out or go without John so you can ask and solve the mystery.


Amanda said...

((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))))))))Have a nice weekend,stay warm.It sure is cold here.My Dad even has a fire going in the fire place.LOL.

jack69 said...

I see my sister has been here! Nah, Shirl I really want you to know that stuff cause I want a cowboy to find you. Please send Shirl a RICH cowboy, she can sing very good and would be handy in a roundup. In the movies the cowboys sing to the cows, She would enjoy that. Paula, I hope you dont' mind me talking to my sister via your blog. She is hard to keep up with. I am not commenting today because it is my birthday. But I liked the entry. Jack