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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Doesn't He Look Angry?

I don't know why I wanted to do this to him. I best not wear red to the ranch tomorrow. He has a son that looks just like him and is almost as big.


jack69 said...

Yep, he may just remember! Good entry on the last. Hope calves are really around like John knows they are. Also I guess you all prefer they be cows not bulls. NO BULL? just a guess.
Glad the cows have green grass. We talked about that on out trip to see a friend, passing knee deep grass with cows just grazing. Sherry always tells them how lucky they are.
Take care,
Jack & Sherry

garnett109 said...

Yep looks Mad, now can we get mad cow disease?

madcobug said...

He probably thinks he already has plenty of flies without you adding fancy ones to him LOL. Better be careful out in those pastures or you will feel his revenge LOL. Helen

Alice said...

Sure wouldn't want to meet him face to face up close. I really like the picture at the top with all the bluebonnets. It just looks like someone should be living there and not abandoned.

sober white women said...

he does look mad! LOL

Tabby said...

Too funny Paula,

Let's just hope he does not how to use a computer!

Joyce said...

Now you've done it. I'd go into the witness protection plan if I were you.
Hugs, Joyce