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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Progress Can Be Sad

We were invited to spend the day at a friend's today and at church tomorrow there will be a lunch and Easter egg hunt in the cematary again but we decided to not holiday big. We took one of our rides this morning and was back home by noon. There has been a road on our way to church that has been calling my name. Its in the country but paved. The kind me and my truck likes. There is a housing addition down this road and I was expecting it to be old mobile homes and run down houses but was I surprised? It is a very large housing addition and the homes are all new, big, and pretty. Its is off the farm to market road from where I was born to the town where I was raised. When I was young we traveled this road every Sunday to Grandma's house. It was the most sandy, bumpy, washboard road you can imagine and every Sunday I got car sick riding in the back seat. Finally my mama let me ride up front with she and daddy so that helped. A lot of family would be at grandma's and everyone would take food. Lots of visiting and eating and then the ride home on that terrible road. Now its a smooth road with a shoulder on either side and a housing addition with nice houses. I told John next they will build a convience store on the corner etc. and first thing we know the woods will be all gone and it will be town instead of country. Progress can be great but it can be sad too.


Shirl 72 said...

I agree progress can be depressing. They
take beautiful woods and build developments.
Things change everyday. I live in the City but
have woods in the back and side. You always
wonder for how long. I like City sounds
because we have always lived close to town. I drive around a beautiful mountain going to Church.


BlueRidge Boomer said...

Love the new header and I love country roads....part of the reason we moved to the mountains....

Enjoy Easter.....LindaMay

jack69 said...

I remember washboard roads, I always wondered why they wore that way instead of making ruts like the old wagons did. Don't get lost in the cemetary.
WE are not doing much in the way of Holiday things, just church and go to a restaurant after. So far we are not scheduled to be with Sonny. His daughter got bad news, she was laid off from work. Sad with the other pressures. This is the time that unemployment comes in handy.

Lynne said...

Paula, I know what you mean. I took a trip down memory lane and the tobacco farms are no more. In their place, are many housing developments. Some of the Amish are moving away too, really sad. People can't afford the property taxes around here.

garnett109 said...

Is that your pooch in the Header?

Janie said...

I know what you mean. We live 3 miles from town and one day this will be all built up in homes. It is having a good start already. Hope you had a blessed Easter. Blessings, Janie

Anonymous said...

we see the build up and take over of land around here...the horse farms are being taxes and developers..and you can whine and rant in your blog all you want...I don't mind...LOL..just good to know that all is ok...and are in my prayers...God Bless...hugs...Ora

sober white women said...

I do hope that they don't build everything up to much. Where I grew up was "country", but now the farmers have sold off the land and it is being developed like you would not believe.

Tabby said...

Hi Paula,

I agree change is not always good. I only live about 5 miles from where I was raised and it is so different now, and I do not like it. I love the picture of the dog in the back of the pickup. My Dave is actually in Texas this week on business I hope he brings me back some good pictures!

J said...

Glad you had a good easter. Its weird to see that which was once wilderness now become city, isn’t it. I don’t like it, but that’s just me! Lol. Hope all is well!

Missie said...

Hello Paula. I've had to make my blog private. If you'd like to continue reading, please send me an email and i'll add you to my readers list.

Have a good one!

Shirl 72 said...

That road sounds like the wash board road
in Alaska that Jack's put on his blog.