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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Message to the Squirrels

Up and down we saw them scurry, around and around they were in a hurry.
Now they are gone, we wonder where, did they go far or are they near?
They worked hard so now they can play. We wonder if they will make it back today.
Do squirrels travel by plane or is it the bus. Why oh why didn't they just tell us?
Did they take a little trip to get some rest, before it is time again to build a nest?
Maybe they went up north or to the sea, the puzzle of it all has sure fooled me.
We miss the furry little creatures with all the bushy tail features.
Enjoy your vacation and come on back, we all miss the squirrel family and thats a fact.
The pecan trees are all in full bloom. You will be back in time for harvest, I assume.
I know this street is very busy, all the cars must make you kind of dizzy.
I'll be listening for the patter of little bitty feet. To observe you again would be really neat.
So my home is your home until the end. This is the message to you I send.


salemslot9 said...

our boy Peanut the squirrel will take an in-shell peanut right out of our hand

Anonymous said...

I love leaving peanuts out even though I am told I should not do so...oh well. My house, my rules. I'm with you on this, Paula.

Sugar said...

they'll be back!
have a good hump day.

garnett109 said...

I love those tree rats

sober white women said...

I like this one!

Indigo said...

Adorably Sweet! (Hugs)Indigo

Lisa said...

Such a sweet message to the squirrels.
Lisa in Kentucky

Anonymous said...

Hi...and yes...our squirrels have disappeared...but they will be back..not sure where they are...but your poem is sure a sweet thang!!! happy day...Ora in KY

Marlene said...

I always leave a little bit of peanut buter in the jar and sometimes I tape it to the deck rail. They go "nuts."

jack69 said...

Hey, Shirl's Squirrels don't ever go. She puts the bird feed right out where they don't even have to work for it. She got tired of them tearing up the feeders.
I like the poem. I am gonna have to memorize one of your poems to use in one of my poem presentations.(with your permission of course)
Great entry. Love you insight with animals, they just won't talk to me.!@!!!!
Jack & Sherry, She is off to church and I am watching her laundry.

Sheila said...

Loved it, cute poem. Sheila

Carlene Noggle said...

I love this poem Paula!!! Have you ever thought of doing children's books?? I am serious! I think they would be loved.
love ya,

Tabby said...

Another good poem :) I can let you borrow some of my squirrels I have tons.