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This Way To My Blog

Friday, May 1, 2009

Tailgate Breakfast & Feeding Turtles

Were we efficient this morning or what? Had breakfast on the tailgate on the stock tank dam in the cool morning air. Then looked for the two new calves and was home by nine. I took some stale bread to feed the fish. What fish? I sure don't have a throwing arm any longer but we did get the turtles to fight over the bread. John gets bored with that in a hurry. Feeding turtles doesn't make a living. We had to look a while to find the cows. They have a lot of places to hid on the nearly 400 acres. As we went down the lane to the back forty and as we turned a corner we came upon the mama cow and her new calf. It is so tiny and has ears that stick out like its about to fly. It is the first one born and the mama is not so squeamish about us looking at it now. Little calves are so curious. It stared at us staring at it. The second mama is still protective of her baby and headed for the brush. John thinks they are both bull calves but not sure from a distance. Yes Jack he would prefer girls but you take what you get. Be nice to get somemore rain now. The grass looks good but will need more rain to keep it going. John is doing his talking to himself saying I could use a few more cows on this place and we sure could use a couple of inches of rain about now. The picture is an old one of John burning pear for the cows to eat. Not having to do that now. The flowers are starting to fall off the cactus (pear) and soon the pear apples which the flowers fall off of will turn red. Probably middle or end of May and the cows will eat them. When we go out the cows will have red all over their mouth and it will look as if they missed their mouth with their lipstick.


garnett109 said...

I thought he was retiring?

jack69 said...

Sherry said, 'Did you read Paula?' No I can't get in. I tried again and made it. This is wierd sometime. We Like the entry. I figured John would rather have girls, (in the cattle line) and a Woman in the people line (As long as he is the Lead BULL)LOL.
We ate at Paula's this morning. Nice local restaurant we found here last year.
Jack & Sherry
PS I like the picture even if it is old.

Tabby said...

You have 400 acres!? I do not even know how big that is, you would have to describe it to me in football fields. I liked the picture of John. Oh please try to get some pictures of cows with lipstick

Lisa said...

Wow that is a lot of acres! Can I move out there with you? I'd love it... endless countryside! Pure heaven! LOL the cows looking like they are wearing lipstick. Adorable entry! I felt as if I was there with you having breakfast on the tailgate, feeding the turtles and trying to spot the cows. Hugs,
Lisa in KY

Janie said...

Our neighbor has little calves. A lot of them. They are all so cute and they stay close to each other. They love to play. They are sooo cute! Hope you guys have a blessed week. Janie

sober white women said...

I have also been up and moving since early this morning! I am glad that you found the calves....any pictures of them?
Where are the turtles? I would also love to see a picture of them.

madcobug said...

Sounds like a peaceful morning to me. Glad that you found the new calves. Lipstick huh? LOL. Helen

Cindi ;) said...

I want to see the pics when the cows have red "lipstick"...plz...cant wait!

Sheila said...

I guess you'll need to name that calf 'Dumbo'. I'd like to see the 'lipstick' cows too...ha.
Have a great weekend, Sheila

Marlene said...

I can't even imagine 400 acres. WOW!! We have 60x120 and thats FEET. Can YOU imagine that? Heehee!!