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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Give Me A Break John

Everytime the phone rang today I would hear John explaining why he is under the weather today. Gosh when I had that test he didn't think it was such a biggie. He was preparing for the dreaded colon test in the morning. We have a father/son team down here who do that test at our hospital and they have it down to a science. That is if you go exactly by their directions you know how to mix the dosage and exactly what time to take each one. What you can have and what time to be at the hospital and they even called today to check to see how he was coming along. Now you take a patient like Mr. John, he always has to feel in control of every situation so what does he do? He stops eating before he has to and he starts taking the medicine before he is supposed to. Then on the second dosage he expects me to figure out what time he is supposed to take it. Then he gets hungry at supper time where if he had something to eat as late as he could it would have all worked out. I know it would I've been there and done that. I felt bad enough to eat in front of him so I sneaked out and had something. The next time he has this test I'm going to be very busy and one of his heir's can have the pleasure of hearing a report of every bathroom visit.


garnett109 said...


Cindi ;) said... hope the report comes back negative today...John sounds a lot like my father..I would not want to have them together "prepping" for this

Sugar said...

i STILL haven't had mine. when i was supposed to last yr, the prep made me so sick i vomitedfor 3 days, so weak i could barely crawl out of bed, & still wasn't 'clear' that morning. need to reschedule, but hope to get a different kind if prep.
good luck john.

sober white women said...

OH you crack me up, but I am so there with you! Rusty is the same way. Gotta love them!

jack69 said...

You girls sure like to pick on the boys! I don't do it (the colonoscaphy??), I like to NOT KNOW. I guess it is sorta like sticking your head in the sand. Right opposite of the test, huh?
But there is no history in my side of the family, thank goodness.
I eat nuts and apples and 8-12 oz of red wine, i think that cures every thing. Also eat a quart of minced garlic a year.
Yeah I stink (not really she says) but I am one healthy fellow (I think).
I like a, "complaining about us boys", entry. Keeps us on our toes (and pretty).
Take care,
jack & Sherry

Carlene Noggle said...

Laughing my butt off Paula!!! The ending was hilarious!!! I hope all comes out well....pun intended!
love ya,

madcobug said...

What if he had to have a baby LOL. I hope the test turned out ok. Helen

Shirl 72 said...

Joy, Joy, glad it is not me.


Missie said...

That's a typical man! LOL

jack69 said...

That ain't nice Missie! LOL

Jimmy's Journal said...

I dying here, laughing, but I guess I wouldn't be laughing if I was the target of a semi-truck being shoved where the sun doesn't shine.

Hang in there kid and good luck to John.


Gerry said...

Don't know what to say to this, but that test does not sound like fun. I have not worried about having one since I became a vegan which seems to be very easy on my digestive system. I did have a colonoscopy and did not like. Poor John. Atleast you won't have to worry about that for a while.

Anonymous said...

well I had mine and believe me I was not advertising the fact...before, during, or after LOL...but I did laugh because I think all hubbies are the same when it comes to doctors and tests...and I am hoping for a good result...we got a beautiful rain here was 92 here today...the pool felt good...but it was steamy when you got long as you stayed under was ok LOL...hard to please us huh??? happy day to ya...hugs...Ora

Lisa said...

ROFL...sounds like my stepdad. My mom said if she didn't stop yakking on the phone about his woes she was ripping it out of the wall!!! Men just like to make alot out of a little, Doug is the same way, believe me. ;)

Good luck to John though.

Lisa said...

(that was supposed to be if HE didn't stop yakking) Sorry.