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Thursday, June 25, 2009


I'm so glad God built us a sundown. The sun is useful in so many ways but these days we humans and the animals are glad to see the sun go down. Even the hummingbirds are in hiding but when the sun goes down they storm the feeder. I've been giving them fresh nectar every evening. I've been taking it right out of the refrigerator and giving it to them cold. They seem to love it and evidently it doesn't hurt them because we only have two or three pair and that is the amount that keeps coming back. Makes me think of a lady who used to like to hit the bottle heavy. Her husband questioned her about all the liquor disappearing so soon. She told him she adds just a little to each humingbird feeder each day because they like it so much. I don't think he fell for that one. Its so hot here Susie doesn't even run to the door when we go outside and beg for food. After the sun goes down and I feed her she doesn't even want to sit on my lap. She gets several feet from me and lounges on the cement next to the garage. We can only water our grass according to our house number and then certain hours only. Today was my day. I saw a big flock of black birds enjoying my water day. They were just on the outside of the spray of the sprinkler so they weren't getting soaked but getting a little tinge of the water when the wind blew it their way. I'm making sure my birdbath is filled and Susie has fresh water every day and I'm thanking God for sundown everyday.


jack69 said...

Good thoughts about Sundowns. What I thought when I read the heading was how beautiful the sunsets are in the midwest and Southwestern states. If I woould have had a digital camera the last time I was viviting your state i would have had thousands of shots.
We feel for you, we are up tot he 80's here in the Catskills, usually get a shower a day.
BUT we are thinking about you!!! Try to stay cool.
Sherry & jack

jack69 said...

That is visiting your state not viviting. i proof read after production. It is more lear then! hahahahahah!

jack69 said...

I am not even going to correct that one.

garnett109 said...

the black birds were waiting for the worms to come up

sober white women said...

We have a good amount of hummingbirds here. I see them more in the morning then I do in the evening. Maybe I should get a feeder? HMMM

Carlene Noggle said...

I make sure there is water outside for the animals daily too. It is so hot here in wasn' so bad...just as hot but not so humid.
love ya,