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This Way To My Blog

Friday, June 26, 2009

To The Ranch

It was hard to drag out of bed this morning but I didn't want to miss anything. We were on the road before seven with me downing my pills on the way. First we started running the water into the house water for the renters. The water has been running into the stock tank for several days so John could turn that part off. He had to check on a cow that has been down for several days. They have been taking water and food to it hoping it would get the strength to get up but it was dead this morning. John thinks she was in season and the big bull may have knocked her down. Things like this happen when you have a large herd but not often. The heat doesn't help when they get down and weak for some reason. Tomorrow John will try to get the renter to help dispose of her. He likes to help with things of this nature as he gets to use his big four wheel drive truck in the back with John's permission. As we approached the tank dam I saw two cute little cotton tail bunnies. Boy did they scurry when they heard the truck. Don't see many rabbits anymore. We haven't seen a jack rabbit in ages and they used to run ahead of us on the back roads. John thinks the wild hogs have disposed of them and I think its people just shooting to be shooting. Target practising on these poor guys. Maybe its a little of both but I sure miss seeing them. When we finished there we went over to John's daughter's place to look at the hay she was able to have baled. Her neighbor used to work for the sheriff's department but he lost his wife, kids, and mobile home from making a stupid mistake. His place was grown up tall with grass so he let John's daughter have it baled and share the hay with the man who baled it plus John buys some. Good deal for everyone. The owner of the place got his place mowed, the man who did the baling made some money. John's daughter got hay for her cows or goats, and John got some hay for his cows. We got home before the heat got to us and I actually had enough energy left to cook lunch. We had corn on the cob, boiled sausage, and cabbage. For supper we'll have left over sausage, baked sweet potatoes, and pickled beets.


Shirl 72 said...

It makes me so sad when I read about one of the cows or calves dying. We are having very hot weather and no rain. My air conditioner has been running full. The weather man just can't get his act together. It would be wonderful if they were in control.


garnett109 said...

sorry for the heat paula, we just had a major down pour that lasted an hour

Missie said...

Could you not have forced the cow up like they do horses to get them up? I feel so bad for the cow.

Enjoy your weekend.

jack69 said...

I know y'all always hate to lose a cow. But I am sure that is just part of owning cattle. I never realized there was so much to it with the shots and all.
That sounds like a good deal on the hay.

Wish I would have gotten here earlier, we would have been down for supper. Shoot, always a few hours late.
Stay out of the heat.
Sherry & Jack

Anonymous said...

Hi Paula...we know all about that water rationing...but this month of june we have had over six inches of rain...unheard of round here LOL...we haven't had to refil the pool so far this year...the sun just draws it out...but with all the rain...keeps it above level...nice!!!! LOL...and sorry about the poor cow...poor thing...and I am with you...glad for the "sunset" each day...but then I am always happy to see the "sunrise" also...guess it is just the inbetween that gets rough from time to time...hugs...Ora

salemslot9 said...

this is the first year we've
seen 'hop-hops' in our yard
and we live in the city
one day, I saw 3
all at one time
they sure are cute
eating clover on our lawn
hope they don't like tomatoes...

Carlene Noggle said...

We use to have lots of rabbits around my neck of the woods too Paula but no more...Use to see them all the time on the dirt roads.
Love ya,