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Friday, June 26, 2009

The Moon Is Holding Water

No this is not the moon but I did see the moon tonight and it is holding water. I know it is because Holly told me how to tell so years ago. Holly was my elderly neighbor in San Antonio. She was elderly when I wasn't. Gosh how time changes things. Wonder if people are talking about my ways yet? Holly married our neighbor, she had been married to his brother many years before that. She had two marriages in between and was widowed and started writing to our neighbor. She was quite a character and I still think of her often. She taught me how to tell if pecans were good or bad while still in the shell. You hold some pecans in each hand with the palms up raising your hands up and down. You can tell which ones are heavy with meat inside. It works more or less. After Shorty our neighbor died she really wanted to find another husband but she always said she wanted a man who could pick up his end of the board. I guess she never found him because she never remarried. She liked my husband Mel a lot because he could fix things for her and only charge her for parts. However she didn't like his junk and especially his water drilling rig which she called an eyesore. She would complain to me hoping I would get him to dispose of it without her making him angry. Mel lost a lot of his hair at an early age so she would tell me I had better watch out because she liked bald headed men. She hated for the squirrels to eat her pecans so she trapped them and hauled them to the cemetary where she is now buried. I have said this before here I think the ancestors of those squirrels are scampering over her grave. One day she came over and I was folding clothes. She said I guess I am going to have to buy you some wash cloths. That remark kind of puzzled me until she said your's are all worn out. I like washcloths when they get thin and old not the new fluffy thick ones. When she went back to the piney woods where she was from to visit I would take care of her several dogs. She would leave me a long list of how to take care of and feed each one. Among several others she had Simon and Sadie her Eskimo Spitz which she raised puppies to sell from. When she ran her ad she would put my telephone number as she was very hard of hearing. Sometime she would pay me a little for my trouble but a lot of time she would say when I'm gone my estate will pay you. Before she died she became senile so her kids moved her back to the piney woods but I doubt she realized it. When she died they brought her back where the squirrels roam and her estate didn't pay me. Thats okay she was a delightful neighbor and taught me a lot. I think of her everytime the moon is holding water.


garnett109 said...

never heard of the moon holding water before?

jack69 said...

Is that when the moon sorta makes a cup? There are some folks who are a delight eventhough they take advantage at times. I know you are a nice person, and easy going. But it has been along time since folks took calls for others in my neck o the woods. there was a time when we had the only phone for a block or so, and I would go tell folks they had a call at our house.
that was nice of you. The moon is not holding water here, it is pouring it out!!! We are gettin a good SHOWER every day.
TAke care, good entry.
Sherry & jack (Sherry will read later, I beat her here.

Lynne said...

Enjoyed your story of your friend, and I think you did get repayment in kind, if not materially, lol. She sounds like a corker!

Lisa said...

Love the picture of the moon. Your friend Holly sounds nice and it is always so nice remembering our friends. I got to chat with an old friend yesterday who is now in Virginia. Hugs,
Lisa in Kentucky