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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Who Did I Think Was Looking After Me?

The government? More likely my good fairy! I have never been a label or tag reader but I am now and I wonder which rock I've been living under. Oh I knew the Dollar stores had a lot of little things made in China and other countries but nothing that affected me too much. I didn't think or worry much about it. I never thought I would be wearing a nightgown made in Pakistan. Its cute alright. Animal print with a tiger face on front but I couldn't believe when I read that tag printed in bold letters Made In Pakistan. I ordered several things from a company I considered an upstanding good American company. The second item is made in China. The third box I haven't opened but I would bet my bottom dollar it isn't made in the good ole USA. Recently I had made up my mind to make a Crazy Orange salad to take to John's granddaughter's graduation party. Just so happens the recipe calls for Mandarin oranges. A few days before I had recieved an e-mail about someone having to buy a better brand of Mandarin oranges to get some not from China. I found this hard to believe so off to Wal*Mart I go to get my ingrediants for my salad. When I get to the canned fruit isle I start reading labels. Yep the cheaper brand has China on it. Okay Ms. Tightwad is going to show them and pay more for some from the USA. Well folks just keep on reading down the label and it will be printed clearly but in tiny print a product of China. I'm sorry to say I bought two cans, made the salad, and felt guilty with every bite I took. There was no Mandarin oranges without the word China on them. The e-mail was encouraging people to not buy those things and pay more and purchase products from the USA. Its hard to do that when you live in a small town where there is only Wal*Mart and Dollar stores. I will be checking out the Mandarin oranges at the only grocery store as soon as I have a chance. I also recieved an e-mail with horrible pictures of ladies who had worn bras made in another country. It was warning to be sure to wash these clothes before wearing them. I was a little skeptical since the ladies only had this horrible rash (really worse then a rash) on one side. You would think it would affect both sides but then it could be true I suppose. If you see me squinting at a can in the isles of the store I'll be reading the labels. Probably can't do anything about it but complain but it does upset me that I've been eating Mandarin oranges (for how long) from China and didn't even know it and its my fault for trusting.


Lynne said...

It makes me wonder why our imports our USA items are more expensive than import items. Don't you just love our economy!

barb said...

just caught up way back to entry about toothbrushes---was like reading a book--all so interesting and funny too. you should put it all in a book---bet you could get it published--"tales from texas" barb

BlueRidge Boomer said...

It's sooooo very hard to buy American ... when American companies are out-sourceing everything for the tax breaks!! Hang in there....i'm reading those labels too!!


garnett109 said...

jim beam, jack daniels i think are the only 2 things mad in the usa

sober white women said...

This is really a double edge sword. We all want to buy American, but buying American is more expensive. American workers demand more money and people in other countries will work for a heck of a lot less.
So what do you do? I save money anywhere I can, but I also look for the made in America seal, which is getting harder to find.
Makes you wonder.

jack69 said...

Only our government can control what comes in. When the doors are opened, it all floods in and there is not much we can do about it. You cannot blame a merchant, because if he/she only sales USA/UK/Canada stuff, his shelves will not be stocked.
I was a Perot supporter. The only one who made sense of all the candidates for president, alas the little Texan did not make it. He predicted this very thing in loud terms, no one believed him. We are not a industrial nation any more. We only produce good fruits and vegatables (evidently except mandarin) and good meat. We don't even make the cans/boxes anymore.
jack & Sherry

Shirl 72 said...

I try to read the labels but you can be in
stores for hours reading. I remember a long
time ago you could find very little made elsewhere. Our products were much better. Their socks, undergarments are lousy.. Wear the socks a week and a hole will come in the toe, very cheap material. Well I could go on but will get off my soap box.


Anonymous said...

I have ones that are supposed to be "better" and packed only in spring water. I went to look. CHINA.

Fernan said...

Our Oliver tractors would likely been all junked, put in the clapper, and melted down long before now for more foreign made goods. So, knock foreign enterprise if it suits you but be advised, for instance, our Oliver’s wouldn’t/couldn’t continue their useful use’s if it weren’t for the Chinese picking-up making the very parts we need to keep these Oliver’s running and moving. There are more aftermarket parts available for ALL MAKES and models of what was once American made.

Celeste said...

THe bra email is FALSE

Jennifer said...

I read labels, too. I try to buy anything that I can made in USA to support what jobs are left here.