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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Company Who Likes Country Roads

My font size won't change so you gotta strain your eyes, sorry. We've had the best kind of company, those who like country roads. John's eighty three year old cousin whom John has only seen twice in the last years and his 36 year old granddaughter came down from near Houston. We really weren't prepared as we thought they were not coming until the week-end. Their visit was right up my ally as he was raised around here but had not been to the small towns in many years. I had to twist John's arm a little but how could he refuse an 83 year old cousin. Not as easy as refusing me. We took them to the country cemetary where some of his relatives are buried. It was a joy to him as he remember it as all grown up. Its well kept now and and a historical marker at the gate. I had to tease him about being lonely for the outhouses of yesteryear so he did go use it. They are neat, painted white, and have a latice work in the front. He was so appreciative that we took him out there. Today John took him to see the cattle at the ranch and he loved that too. His granddaughter chose to sleep in. At noon we took them to a barbeque place that is all decorated in country decor and the barbeque is good too. He had talked about the town where he grew up to the north of us so I twisted John's arm again. we went there. We showed him the old building that was once the only hospital in this area. Its all boarded up now and looks terrible. He knew the doctor that came out to our house and delivered me and all my siblings. We showed him our college and told him we have a country club but don't belong, ha. He was surprised at how this town has grown. We would be traveling down a street and he would ask how long has this been paved? This used to be a sandy road. Its been a long time since he had a tour like we gave him. His granddaughter liked the area and said she wouldn't mind living here. Now that is a compliment with the hot dry weather. They headed back home this afternoon with the promise to come back again when it is cooler. We may go south next time.


garnett109 said...

paula my font broke about a month ago, i went into customize part of the blog and did every thing manually

jack69 said...

Well Paula, it sounds like y'all had a good time with a little push from the cowgirl. I bet it was fun hearing how 'this used to be'.
It is educational to have some one who knows the past and has control of their faculties to go over the same place you live and give a past perspective. Good entry,
Sherry & Jack

Lucy said...

Paula, I think that was great that you enjoy people that are , what sounds like to me, older and If they have their faculties about them, learn things from them. My dad lived to be 97 and it was amazing how my kids and my husband enjoyed listening to him remember. I did remember you after a little pondering. You caught me at a bad time, feeling sorry for myself . Happens more than I would like as I get nearer 80.

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Don't ya just love country grandsons favorite thing to do up here is..."drive on the longest roller coaster they've ever been on!!"


Tabby said...

Hi Paula
It sounds like a nice family visit. I think it is funny you got to twist John's arm to do things because of company. Have a nice weekend.

Jimmy's Journal said...

How nice. I wish I had spent more time with some of my older loved ones.

Good for you. Hope John's arm doesn't hurt much.


Missie said...

Sounds like a good visit!

Do you use live writer for your posts? You might want to try it.

Have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...




madcobug said...
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madcobug said...

Sounds like you two showed the cousins a good time.The font looks fine to me. Not small at all. Helen

Lisa said...

Sounds like an interesting time with the elder. I can't imagine the changes in 83 years. Glad John took the time to take them out. Your font looks good to me.

Kelly said...

That is so wonderful that y'all got out and took him around like that. I tell you what, John should be thanking his lucky stars he has you to twist that arm. I bet he wouldn't do half the things he does without you coaxing him to do them. The fun things, not just keeping cattle and all that. ;) You are good medicine for him Paula, yes you are.