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Sunday, July 12, 2009

If God Was A Cowboy

If God was a cowboy he would rope and ride, instead he tries to teach us the bible to abide.

He's be branding cattle way out in the west, but no! He is leading us to try to do our best.

If God was a cowboy his belt would bear his name, but we know to trust his word all the same.

His boots would be shiny and pointed at the toe. We must listen to his word and let our love flow.

If God was a cowboy his home would be a ranch. We should praise his word as we sing and dance.

From hours in the saddle his legs may start to bow. On Sunday morning we sit to worship row after row.

If God was a cowboy his hat would shade his face, he has love for people no matter what their race.

He would worry about the grass getting very dry. We must be honest and faithful, we must try.

If God was a cowboy he would love us one by one, so we must do our best until our days are done.

We should read our bible, pray, and help our fellowman, then we can make it to heaven, I just know we can.



garnett109 said...

good poem

Cindi ;) said...


Lucy said...

Great Post. I think I forgot, it has been so long since we read each others posts, that you always had something interesting or unusual . Thank you for commenting, a while back, so we could re-connect.

Marlene said...

If God was a cowboy
I'd really like to know
If we were living in the 50's
would He have a TV show?

Would He ride a big white stallion
When He came into town
Or would He walk in barefooted
While townspeople put Him down

What would be His themesong
As He conquered enemies like sin
How many of us would switch the channel
And never let Him in.

(Paula, you started it, How far can it continue?) Marlene

Tabby said...

That was truly a great poem!!!! Thanks for sharing.

Shirl 72 said...

Love the poem. You are good with the poems.
My mind goes blank which is not a surprise
Jack wrote a good poem about DAD while we were sitting calling people about his death. It was written on a flap the back of an envelope I found it later that day. Jack is
smart to bad I didn't get some of the smarts.


Lisa said...

Love your poem Paula. Very clever indeed.

madcobug said...

Loved the poem and the one Marlene did in the comment section also. Helen