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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lost Banana & Snake in Church

I finally found the lost banana. I thought the smell would lead me to it sooner then later but it didn't. A few days ago John had just peeled a banana about an inch down when the door bell rang and it was the air conditioner repairman. He went outside with the man and when he came back in to retrieve his banana it was missing. We looked high and low and it was no where to be found. We even looked in the bathroom and the garage. Today as I passed the refrigerator my eyes caught sight of the banana on the top edge. Needless to say it was black and squishy.

South Texas is having an overrun of snakes appearing in strange places looking for water. The oddest one I think I have heard was on the news yesterday. Some of the Missions in San Antonio still have church services in them. A lady saw what she thought was a rosary in the holy water so she reached in and picked it up. If felt soft and when it moved she realized it was a snake, a coral snake. She slung it and it went near some people who were there worshiping. Scared the bejabbers out of her and the worshipers. The priest lives on the property and said he had swept a snake out of his apartment one time.


jack69 said...

I don't like black scushie bananas. Good you found it before it turned another color. LOL. Isn't funny have getting distracted can cause the funniest things to happen. BUTTTTTTT
A snake in the Holy Water? That takes the..... cake? Probably wouldn't hurt anyone, it was sanctified. right?
Coral? good thing it didn't bite someone.
Sherry & jack

Shirl 72 said...

I would have gotten religion very quick. I guess the snake was blessed and I would have sent him to snake heaven. I have killed two
baby snakes this summer and they tell me the
mother was close and looking for me. When I was at Holy Angels yesterday they told me that
another lady had also started playing and I might know her. Her husband was a minister and her name was Peggy. I could not believe this, I
said yes I know her they came to see me and we would play and sing. I have not seem her since her husband died because she moved in with her daughter. She is 84. I am going to Holy Angels this morning to hear her play. Her husband preached my Dad's Funeral. Small world. Jack has a story about that and I hope
he will not tell. Paula thanks for stopping
by. Your blog's are so interesting. Didn't
mean to get this wordy.

Shirl 72 said...

Forgot to sign my name. My mind not only wanders sometime it leaves completely.


madcobug said...

Glad that you found that nasty banana. Yikes on that snake being at church. Helen

Donna said...

I would love to have been there to see that lady give the snake a toss!

Sheila said...

I wonder what she said in that split second that she realized it was a snake...I think I know what I would have said....ha. Have a great day, Sheila

Lisa said...

I'm glad you found the banana and they do get awfully squishy too...yuk. Oh gosh, I would have freaked out if I picked up that snake. I cannot imagine what the worshippers thought.

Lucy said...

Well Paula I think your story beats Sheila's, I am not sure I will ever eat another banana. I would have never had courage enough to have reached in the water with anything fairly resembling a snake. Had I picked it up it would have probably fone to the pulpit.

Marlene said...

Oh, the snake story is a doozie. That has got to be the holiest snake in Texas.

Tabby said...

Hi Paula,

I hate when you put something down and then can't find it! I would be freaked out by the snakes, I hope you get rain soon so they do not come a calling.