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Thursday, August 13, 2009

One Leg In And One Leg Out

That is the position I was in when the phone rang tonight in John's room waking him from a deep sleep. Really it was a nap while waiting for the Dallas Cowboys football game to come on. I was going to shower and shampoo my hair but it didn't happen. When the phone rings at night I always eavesdrop and then I can tell who is calling and what the next step in our country life might be. I hear him say yes this is John and yes I have cows on Hwy 97, then I'll be right out. This is my signal to get that leg back in those jeans 'cause we're gonna ride. We each grab a flashlight and head west. When we get near the ranch we drive on the shoulder of the road so we can see in the bar ditch a little better. Not a cow in sight but when we get to the cattle guard the gate has been closed. Probably some fellow cattleman drove by and did the manly thing. Drove them in and closed the gate. The gate over the cattle guard doesn't usually need to be closed except when he has some half grown calves that get to big for their britches and learn to jump the cattle guard or when he has sold some baby calves and the mamas are looking for them. Sometime the grass just looks greener on the other side. It was a wasted trip but as John said he would have worried all night not knowing if they were still on the highway. Too dangerous for people and for the cows that are out. So here I sit with both legs in my jeans and hair still dirty. Oh well tomorrow is another day.


jack69 said...

We love it! You are right no matter where itis that call after dark is usually not fun. It makes a good story thought. AND of Course SHERRY had chocolate in HER Blizzard, She likes the Pecan Cluster Blizzard!!!!
Sherry & Jack

Shirl 72 said...

You have such an interesting life. My driveway
alert kept going off the other morning. I got up to see what was going on. I was looking out in the yard and could not see anything. I look
down and there sat an o'possum on the top of my
bench on the porch. I went out and told him/her
it had better get started toward home because it
was getting light. It took its time climbing
down from the top of the bench and headed out.
Not afraid and could care less of a human
talking to it. Don't that sound exciting.
The question is what is an o'possum doing in the City?


madcobug said...

Glad that someone had already taken care of the problem for you. Helen

Lucy said...

That is great that ranchers help each other out. You know Paula, so many things aboout ranch life just take me back to our small poor farm. I must have been taken home to there when I was born, but just saying the cows had been put back and the gate closed. That would have happened in our little farm community to.

Sheila said...

Well I'm glad things ended well. For me that would have been a good time for a midnight run for pancakes...ha. Have a great day, Sheila

sober white women said...

I so love your life! I need to wash my hair too, but it will have to wait. At least you did not have to heard the cows back inside.

garnett109 said...

Better safe than sorry

Lucy said...

Thank you Paula for the compliment on my blog. I had help from a fellow blogger. I had dial up for the first 3 years I had a computer, and it is slow but cheaper.

Tabby said...

Well at least it was dark and no one could see your hair! That was very nice of someone to close the gate, I would of worried too all night if I did check it out.

Jimmy's Journal said...

I'm the same way with animals. I'd rather go look and be sure than to stay home and worry.

That pant leg trick sounds amusing. I usually trip putting on pants when I'm half asleep.


Lisa said...

LOL, you are such a hoot! I'm glad you guys checked it out - I would have worried all night too if it were me.