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Saturday, October 10, 2009

About Cats

Lucy has an animal that doesn't eat or make messes so I have to show her I have one too. Her's or Joe's is a ceramic turtle and mine is a cat. Actually I have several ceramic cats left from my longtime collection. This one sits on John's chest of drawers with her (I always have to give everything a gender) hat on just in case the sun comes through the roof. I have always loved cats and have always had one or two or three plus the collection of pretty ceramic ones. I subscribed to Cat Fancy and every month they had a whole page picture of a pretty cat. I would gently tear it out and frame it in a black plastic frame. I arranged them on one wall of my living room. People who didn't like cats was not impressed but I thought it was a pretty neat idea until Mel panneled the living room walls. He forbid any nail holes in the new panneling so I stored the pictures a few years then finally disposed of them. It was a fun hobby while it lasted. The new renters really must love animals. This morning we saw a yellow and white cat walking in the drive-way. Maybe the mother of the kittens I had seen before. There was a half grown black cat curled up in the lawn chair on the front porch. John said the Dad told him one of his teenage daughters ask him what are we going to do if one of these cows is having trouble having her calf? Its cold (cool to you people from the north) this morning so we took a sweater and it felt good walking to the stock tank. We've had some nice rain so its too muddy to drive out there. Had to feed the turtles nearest to the pens. They didn't all come up and they seemed to have trouble swimming against the tiny ripples the wind was making on the water. They didn't come out of the water either so I'm wondering if turtles feel the cold. Don't tell me I'm going to have to make tiny coats. Oh well it will probably be back to 90 degrees soon.


madcobug said...

Unlike you I have never owned but one cat and that was when my daughter was small. Better get to making those tiny turtle coats. Helen

garnett109 said...

turtles like it a tad warm

Lucy said...

They are pretty easy to care for and cost nothing to feed. Our snow will be gone, almost is. The western part of the state got 6 to 8 inches. Better days ahead.

Sheila said...

Wow, you have one of those rare zebra cats...ha. She's pretty. I think you'll have to make them some wet suits like the divers wear. Hope you are having a nice weekend, Sheila

Martha (Menagerie) said...

I love cats too (obviously) and turtles too! Turtles definitely don't like the cold and keep inactive during chilly weather, they go way down to the bottom of the water where it's still warm. Now maybe if you gave them little coats they would come up to feed :-)

jack69 said...

Cat Woman! Turtle Woman! Yep get to sewing the coats!!! Maybe a little blanket will do! Please send a picture!

Cats make beautiful pictures, but a cat is too independant for me. Cats won't listen to me! dogs will!...... Well, the cat hears, they just ignore me.

Take care and hope the renters do not eat your turtles. Just joking!!!! LOL
Sherry & Jack

Shirl 72 said...

We were at a picnic once and someone had puts
some cats out of course everyone took one home.
We names ours Cracker. She was a good cat but
since she was adpoted she had a had time
adjusting to family life. But she stayed with us. She just would'nt stay put and tried to cross a busy road and you know the rest of the story.

sober white women said...

I love your cat that does not eat, because that means he does not poop! I have three new babies, so I am back to scooping. LOL

Rose said...

I have four cats sometimes I wish they were made of plaster!

Tabby said...

I love cats too! I like your kitty statue. Now Paula if you make little turtle coats you have to take pictures and post them. John may just think you have lost your mind though.