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This Way To My Blog

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Good Advice From Bloggers

Isn't it great that there is always someone here who has a good answer? Mosie: I have always sent out lots of cards but have slacked back since the rise of postage. I wouldn't even have to use a stamp. Why didn't I think of that? We saw Amy today but she was so busy. They were having a health fair at the hospital and everyone there was jumping around doing their part to make it a success. They had tents outside and the wind blew all day so I don't know how that went over. Tables up and down hallways for health phamplets. Stations for blood pressure taking and all kinds of tests. A mobile unit for eyes.
Helen: I think the new renters are taking care of Miss Kitty. They have changed her name to Smokey and I hear one of the girls has taken a liking to her. I have a feeling she is inside the house counting mice as she sleeps on that girl's bed.
Lucy: As much as I have been writing about turtles I don't know a thing about them. Bet someone here will tell you what kind to get.
Johnny G.: You cracked me up with that insurance comment. Might work since everyone is into a sueing mentality now days.
And Shirl last but not least. With a low immune system I wouldn't dare pick up one of those slimey turtles without gloves on but I bet those kids would. Maybe I need to mention a deadly virus to their mother.


garnett109 said...

Any Time I could Help Paula

Sugar said...

bloggers always come to the rescue with sage advice!

madcobug said...

Maybe one of those girls will take good care of her and might even take her with her when the time comes to go. Helen

Lucy said...

I am so glad you liked Joe's turtle.All it requires is occasional dusting.

Jimmy's Journal said...

Hmmm Miss Kitty... Smokey.... The only name's left are Matt, Doc and Festus...unless you include Bashful.


jack69 said...

Hey, Hey paula, I know you have heard that song many times, huh?

I go to the Dr. when they have a freebee day!
In Gerogia once at a Flea Mkt the hospital had set up, I got my Colestoral (I always mispell that word) checked. It tends to be high so I keep from checking it to lower my stress. HAHAH!. Never could type but it is worse now.
We know you enjoy the turtles, but no petting!!!
Sherry & Jack

Martha (Menagerie) said...

Just popping in to check in on you Paula, have to see how my turtle whisperer friend is doing :-)

Lisa said...

slimy turtle is offended! LOL