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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

More On Winning The Lottery

Yes Frances I think you do need to buy a ticket before you can win. lol Maybe that is my problem too, I never buy one anymore. I just talk big but I did want to make it clear I would help my family big time and my church. It was just that it was so unusual for this young woman to go above board to be nice to us when she didn't have to do anything but her job. It made me think I would like to do something for her if the occasion arose. I've always had the dream of coming into money and being able to tip people that I do business with a large and unexpected amount. Such as my massage therapist who works very reasonable or someone who cuts my hair or a waitress who does a good job. It would just be fun for me to surprise them.

We went out to feed the turtles today and Lucy didn't have a thing to do with me. She came out of the water and went right back in. I'm not sure if she was that full or if the kids maybe have been trying to pick her up and maybe dropped her. A few smaller ones came up to pull bread off the slice I offered them. One took a bite of the bread and then found a white piece of paper that was half covered with dirt. It grabbed the paper and pulled it out of the dirt and ran for the water with it. Bet it was disappointed when it tasted it. The green grass is getting tall and the cows are in heaven until a frost hits it and it turns brown. Yes Jimmy the plants on the side of the lane in the last picture is sunflowers. It isn't the big beautiful sunflowers. They are just considered weeds here and the farmers and ranchers mow them down because they sap the moisture out of the grass. Cows doesn't eat the sunflowers but they need the green grass.


salemslot9 said...

too bad the renters
spoiled your turtle fun...

madcobug said...

Maybe you should run the renters off so you can have fun feeding the turtles LOL. I hope they are treating Miss Kitty well. Helen

Donna said...

You know, I'll bet if you just wrote a note and put it in an envelope with a thank-you card of some sort, that would do that young lady as much good as anything you could do for her. I went through a spell of writing thank-you notes to friends and relatives, and the reaction those notes got was amazing.

garnett109 said...

Dear renter due to insurance purposes please accompany the kids while they play near the stock tank.

Lucy said...

You tell those kids not to scare Lucy. On my blog I found a little sales girl that has gone beyond the call of duty for a turtle that was taken out of the wild then not taken care of properly. I am still working up to a turtle that would not require expensive lights. Would that be what they call a box turtle?

Frances said...

Donna has a good idea. Just send a note or a card with a note inside, and express your thanks. I am a card sender, too, birthday, thank-you, Christmas, just about any excuse will do for me. And since you and I will never win the lottery(LOL), that would be a good solution.

Shirl 72 said...

Tell the children don't pick the turtles up.
They could bite and also give them a virus that
is deadly. Tell them anything to keep them from
going down there. They are not to be handled.
Kids are so out-of-control today. That is your
fun time and you are doing a good job.


Paulette said...

Don't we all want to spend that lottery money. When I can't fall asleep at night I fantasize about what I would do if I won a big lottery. Spending it mostly on others, saving a few mil for myself as well. Puts me to sleep (happy) every time. Paulette

jack69 said...

Hey Paula!!!!
I read the stories about who won and how they are broke and wish they had not bought the ticket. And I agree with them. I feel sorry for them, I wish I HAD BOUGHT THAZT LOTTERY TICKET instead of them and saved them the big head aches.!
Me'n Paulette are on the same page. we gonna put back a little nest egg for ourselves. LOL
TAke care. hope this makes it before I drop off, HA!Jack & Sherry

Ally Lifewithally said...

Hi Paula just catching up with everyone ~ I am still waiting to win the Lottery I have lots of plans on on to spend the money ~ but I shall make sure I have a few million put aside for me :o) Ally x