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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Two Cooks In The Kitchen Spoil The Broth

That goes for cats too. Two female cats at a house makes for a fight. If you have known me a long time you know I have my own house across the street from John's house. Me widow+ John divorced= two houses. So Susie our cat thinks she owns both houses. She follows me to which ever house I'm at. Our neighbors catty cornered from us has lots of cats. One of them, a mama cat, has adopted my house as a peaceful place to give birth to her kittens under my storage shed. She keeps them there a while and then she takes them off and I never see them again. I presume she takes them to the other cats at our neighbors' house. Then she visits my house alone and takes long peaceful naps on the mat of my chair on the front porch. When I would come over to do some yard work or to get my truck out of the garage she would be afraid and run. Recently I started thinking this situation over. First I think if this cat is going to be here she needs a name. John suggested Lucky. So I think, you know sometime we have field mice around here and our county is noted for rattlesnakes. Maybe I'm lucky she adopted my house as her own. This morning I decided to broadcast Weed and Feed on my yard while its wet. While I was working I noticed Lucky hadn't run off. She was keeping her distance but she didn't leave. I had left cat food for her a couple of times lately and I think she was waiting to see. Tipical cat! Well John let Miss Susie out of the garage (her room) where she has all the comforts of home. She spots me across the street and here she comes but she meets Lucky at the foot of my driveway. They are both holding their ground, claiming their territory. Of all the hissing and bowing of backs like Halloween cats I've never seen. I yelled and fussed and told them to behave and get along. This yard is big enough for two girl cats. They went in different directions so we will see.


Lucy said...

Oh my , a cat fight!!! So now what?? BY the way my mama never found out I left school but My dad did. All I had to do was have him look at me and I never tried it again. I still think I would hate school to this day.

garnett109 said...

Cat's will do that

jack69 said...

I love it. I know where to go if I ever get hungry, to YOUR HOUSE! (Which ever one you are in!) You feed cats and turtles, and _____.
You are a good lady Charlie Brown!!! or Susie Brown!.
Sherry & Jack from Kentucky!

Sheila said...

Well I hope Susie and Lucky learn to get along. Take care, Sheila

salemslot9 said...

I don't remember reading
about your houses...
were you neighbors?
2 houses
2 kitties
double your pleasure
double your fun

Anonymous said...

LOL Paula...only one cook per kitchen...LOL..unless it is a holiday with family...then everyone is so excited about seeing one another...nobody cares how many cooks are in the kitchen about them cats in the yard...tht is another question all together LOL...I have seen a few "cat fights"...hizzy fits some call them...and I just slowly back away...quietly...and leave well enough are a hoot for sure...LOL...God Bless ... Ora

Anonymous said...


Jimmy's Journal said...

I've had cat's all my life and although two un-neutered males can wreak havoc, two females at odds is the worst.

I think this phenomenon may run in all the species, but that's just me. I've broken up fights between males before, but I keep my distance when two females are fighting.

I may have learned that particular tactic in AREA 51.

Great post Miss Turtle Whisperer !


Martha (Menagerie) said...

Hopefully they will learn to get along, maybe after Halloween? :-)

JOHN said...

How funny the cats...Thanks for stopping by.Im feeling better

Tabby said...

Funny thing about cats they cant just be friends like dogs.