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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Country Cul De Sacs

How can you get lost going to the same church you have gone to the last several years? We can and we did. We went to church early to take an electric heater because the combination heater air conditioner isn't doing the job alone. We took a short cut and every road we turned on was a cul de sac. A country road cul de sac so we had to back track and get back on the paved road we always travel. It was warmer outside this morning then it was inside. I guess this old sand rock holds the cold inside and that is why in the summer it is comfortable with the one air conditioner and sometime just with the double doors open wide. I need to update this picture as they have torn down the add on to the left of the picture. They have built a large room there and it is added in a more proper way that makes it look nice where it meets the roof of the main church and then someone donated that same kind of rock for the front.


Donna said...

Paula, you have the most unique experiences of anyone I know. Or maybe you just have a unique outlook on life.

jack69 said...

I thought I was the only one who could get lost on a straight road. HA! Paula, You always find surprises on Country roads, so what is new? The church looks like a neat church to attend. Glad you did not get REAL lost.
From Florida,
Sherry & Jack

madcobug said...

Bet the new addition looks pretty.

The Old Geezer said...

Thank you for visiting my blog
I didn't see a email linked back to you site or I would have sent a thank you by email.
God bless you and have a wonderful new year.

Lucy said...

I get lost and so does Joe if we get out of our element which is South of us yet. Everything is like an island and it is very confusing to me. We stick to places we know.

garnett109 said...

One of the flock got lost?

sober white women said...

That is such a cute little church. Don't worry, I have also gotten lost when I try to take short cuts.

Anonymous said...

Ha!...lost is my middle name...and the church pic is really nice...and yes...take one updated!!! and about the columns....I am awaiting your answer...with bated breath...(what does that mean.."bated breath"??? LOL)..sounds good tho doesn't it LOLOL???? hugs and Happy New Year....Ora

Shirl 72 said...

You have got to find out about those columns.

Glad you were not lost for long and missed
church. Beautiful Church.

Hope You have a HAPPY NEW YEAR.