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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Makin' Hay While The Sun Shines

That saying holds very true here in south Texas this winter. If we have a pretty day we had better get busy and do what we need to do before it rains, the wind blows, or it gets colder then we are use to. God gave us a beautiful day today. The temp. was about 70 degrees. No wind, no rain, and not too cold or too hot. The forcast for tonight is high wind and cold so we decided we needed to check the hay. The cows had cleaned it up so we put out another big bale (that is the large rolls) and then we got a jump ahead and put one in the pens and closed the gates so the cows can't get to it until they have gobbled up the other one. Than if it is rainy or cold all we have to do it open the gates to let them in and take the string off. Less work then driving up to the hay yard and trying to line up with the bail with the fork, pick it up and haul it. Let it down, undo the strings, and put a ring on it. After the work was done it was time to check the turtles. Now I know they don't hibernate all winter here. They were ready and waiting to eat puppy food. A few came out of the water but it was still too wet for me to get near the water and sit on the hump of dirt to feed. I stood up above and threw it in trying to hit the water just in front of a turtles mouth. They don't seem to have good side vision. On the way home we saw something up ahead with big lights. We were curious and when we got close we could see it was a large vehicle with the lights driving behind a wagon being pulled by two mules on the shoulder of the road. Not a sight we see often. We were thinking hay ride maybe?


madcobug said...

Good idea to put the hay out while you can. Those turtles must come out when the water temps get warmer. Helen

Marty said...

Hi Paula,
Wow ... thanks to you I finally know what a bale of hay is. I've seen those big rolls, just never connected that with the word "bale"!

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Good Idea!! Stay out of this nasty weather if you Texas in for more rain!!??
We're waiting for to nights ice storm.....

Stay safe and warm....

Happy Holidays....LindaMay

Lucy said...

I heard Texas was going to get some of our storm. So far freezing drizzle and now snow and blowing from the North. Blizzard warnings through Saturday. Joe is coming down with a bad cold so we are home to stay. Just Joe, me and spunky.

Frances said...

I remember the days of putting out hay in the sleet and cold rain. Glad I don't have to do that anymore. My husband put out the big rolls of hay with his tractor, but if he couldn't be there, I had to put out the square bales by hand. Daughter has to do that now for her horses.

Melanie said...

I'll trade ya!? your 70 degrees for our 35 degrees and 4 inches of fresh snow??

sounds fair to

Merry Christmas! to you and your family


jack69 said...

Lost my comment! Don't trade with Mel!

Glad you had a good day. they are to be cherished like a good hay ride. Ahhhhh, but so long ago. We finally switched to trucks with straw, but it was still fun.
TAke care.
FRom across the gulf
Sherry & Jack

Sayit-baldys said...


Sayit-baldys said...