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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Doggie Church

I was surprised when my daughter told me she takes her dog Roxy to a dog park to play with other dogs. You know I live in a small town and don't always know about these new fangled ideas. I do however read the paper and found out about doggie churches today. That was another new one on me. Willis Webb "From The Writer's Roost" told about an Associated Press article about a Los Angeles church that has a special 30-minute service for dogs and their owners. Some churches do have blessings for pets but this is different, a real service. Research for the article uncovered only about half dozen doggie churches and one in Boston is called "Wolf 'n' Worship". The writer says from past experience he believes that congregational church for cats would be impossible. They'd want their own private chapel and staff. I'm so glad I read this in case my daughter tells me she takes her Roxy to church I won't be surprised. Just kidding doggie lovers. I think its a great idea. Maybe some mean dogs and mean owners will straighten up their ways.


jack69 said...

Don't count on it!!! Mean dog owners never starighten up! ha. Mean dogs however have been know to straightne up when faced with ....
WEll I won't say.
Doggie church? Way-out way to get some more of gullible pet owners money. Economy bad? Think of something new.
Just ranting, never heard of such, but now I know. Thanks!!! (I think). LOL
From across the blue Gulf, with a Merry Christmas,
Sherry & Jack...
PS Who ever is probably right about the cats!

Donna said...

Well... to each her own. Sadie wouldn't be acting very "church-y" in a group of dogs. I think she'll pass. She's incorrigible anyhow.

madcobug said...

I read this week that they were having doggie church services. I had heard of the dog park. I can just see my two where there are a lot of dogs them staying mostly at home like they do. We do or Ken does take them for rides sometimes. That really gets them excited. Helen

Michelle said...

My mom would have loved that idea lol.

I can barely walk down the driveway with my two dogs - they drag me - I think we'd be banned to the quiet area lol.


Jimmy's Journal said...
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Jimmy's Journal said...

Merry Christmas Paula