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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Santa And Friends

Santa arose from his cozy warm bed to take a ride in his bright red sled

Stopping at the home of a little brown rabbit, for many a week this had been his habit

Rabbit hopped in trying to hold on tight, while Santa turned to the left and then to the right

A beautiful cardinal perched on Santa's shoulder, as he made a stop by a big round boulder

A tiny green lizard was sunning on the rock, he climbed aboard making the seat best lock

On down the road and down by the creek. All his animal friends he was trying to seek

Santa saw an armadillo rooting under a log, looking for breakfast but he only found a frog

They both joined the ride to laugh and sing, hitting the bumps made them want to cling

They rode and had fun until almost dark, all agreed it was time to park

Let Santa get to work, friends go home,until Santa again decides to roam

Paula October 5, 1994


Anonymous said...


madcobug said...

Cute one Paula.

jack69 said...

Good 'un. Like that.
Saw a girl at the flea mkt with those leggerns on, but they weren't PINK!
Take care.
Sherry & Jack

~mel said...

How sweet ~ you should do some illustrations to it and publish it as a child's Christmas story.

Sugar said...

how charming.

Sheila said...

I wish Santa had run over that armadilla, they are still digging up our yard...ha. Sheila

Martha@Menagerie said...

How cute! I love it Paula :-)

Lucy said...

You are a talented poet. Shame on you Sheila for wishing that armadillo dead. I can't say I blame you though. You all have very active creatures for winter. BUT of course it is warm there.

Marty said...

Hi Paula,
What a nice poem. I heard something kind of odd about Santa this week: My colleagues in Europe tell me that the American version of Santa (with the red suit and jolly attitude) was a product of Coca Cola advertising. The original Santa, they said, is more like the traditional version of a Saint: More serious ... and walks around wearing a pointy white hat, sort of like a pope hat.

Jimmy's Journal said...

Cute, but what about the turtles?


Shirl 72 said...

Very good poetry. Make one about your turtles. I hope they are doing OK...and getting ready for


Lisa said...

Great poem Paula, you should really publish a book of your poems.

Fernan said...

Poems, I see them liking hightlights of a day, life, or dream. There wuords are as food for the heart and soul, and exercise for mind. I believe the most interesting or revealing poems come from the heart's emotions having lived the very words.
For instance, when you read of your turtles, I see and hear you speak for them.