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Monday, December 14, 2009

Santa's In The Outhouse

Santa's in the outhouse, children gotta wait. Take another nap kids, santa's gonna be late.

The reindeer are pawing, chomping at the bits, while looking at the catalog in the outhouse he sits.

The snow is coming down and Christmas almost here. He'll get out of there on time just never never fear.

Santa's in the outhouse, it's something he's gotta do, he will be out delivering toys as soon as he is through.

The chimneys have been cleaned anticipating his red suit and carrying a bag on his shoulder filled with Christmas loot.

Santa's in the outhouse, hope he didn't forget the date, Mrs Claus will call him being that she is his Christmas mate.

Elves have oiled the runners on the little red sled, reindeer have been brushed, already they are fed.

The newsmen are at the ready to track him in the sky, everyone debating, do reindeer really know how to fly?

I think I hear the jingle bells, hooray he's finally out, he'll make all the houses of this I have no doubt.

Santa was in the outhouse, but now he's finally out. Christmas will go on as usual, he's already on his route.

Jump in bed little children, pretend to be asleep. Cover up your head you're not allowed to peep.

Santa's out of the outhouse, I knew he'd be on time. I just couldn't help myself, please forgive this little rhyme.

Pauline Lieck


madcobug said...

So cute LOL. Helen

Sugar said...

lol! very funny! ty for posting. hope your week is going well.

Lucy said...

I love your poems. This one is adorable.

Marty said...

Hi Pauline,
Santa's in the outhouse, but I'm sure we'll see him soon. Mrs. Clause is in the kitchen, finding him a prune.

jack69 said...

You are a HOOT Paula. Loved the poem!!
Merry Christmas and hope SAnta brings you a donkey! Or maybe a Horse!
Love from across the Gulf of Mexico.
Sherry & Jack

Indigo said...

Hilarious! Loved it! (Hugs)Indigo

Anonymous said...