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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bag & Baggage

Remember the cat we named Lucky that I recently wrote about? She would come from the neighbor's to sleep on the chair on my front porch. Have her kittens under my storage shed and then take the kittens home to the neighbors when they were old enough to wean? Then I thought she might protect my house from little field mice or whatever so I was just going to give her a small cup of food each day and she would have to hunt or go home to eat if she needed more. Well she didn't fall off the turnip truck yesterday. She started coming to John's to look in the storm door and when someone would step out the door she would run for my house thinking the food wagon was coming and it usually did. Little by little she is moving in. Now she has taken over Susie's favorite place, John's riding lawnmower seat. Susie is not happy since she has been an only child for years but she found a way to show me. She has been missing her litter box part time. Whata you wanna bet Lucky has her kittens in John's three sided carport? Much warmer then under my storage shed. To think I didn't plan to have anymore pets after Susie. What am I going to do with a litter of kittens? Maybe she is just fat, I hope I hope I hope.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Paula...Paula..Paula....!!!! you have got to be tough...tough as nails...Lucky sure is lucky...he found a soft touch...LOLOLOL....and I would do the same as you!!!!! and I would be checking out cat food prices and watching the sales LOLOL....good luck...softee!!!! hugs..Ora

jack69 said...

I can't believe you have done this!!! Moved a stranger in with your child. No wonder she doen't try to hit the litter box.
YEP! She is pregnant alright.Not just fat. gonna have her anchor babies on the lawn mower seat!! Yep, you are gonna have to find the daddy and make him support them!

YOu cannot ship them to China either, they just took Cat off the menu there (true). They took Dog and Cat off the menu. Shucks!!!
Sherry & Jack

BlueRidge Boomer said...



Kath said...

They say "Feed a cat and it's sure to come back" Paula.Lucky has proved this saying correct LOL!!Get stocked up Gal your gonna need plenty for the rest of Lucky's family He-He.Have you chose any names yet LOL!!Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Shirl 72 said...

You need to open a home for unwed mothers.
Besure to apply for all their benefits. I know
the babies daddy want support them. Maybe you can get help with more mouths to feed. Good luck.


Indigo said...

Experience tells me you're going to have a litter to contend with. The same experience also knows a shelter will take kittens when they're ready to be weaned from the mother (make sure it's a no kill shelter). Kittens go quickly. People always want to adopt the babies. Now after this, get the not so lucky, Lucky fixed. It'll save your kind heart a lot of aggravation, as I'm almost positive she's adopted you. (Hugs)Indigo

salemslot9 said...

I remember
you wondered about
getting the neighbor's
cat fixed
time to have
a friendly chat
with the neighbors
if, you want
to get their permission
I hope they're not Chinese...

Marty said...

Hi Paula,
If Susie has started missing her litter box part time over Lucky, just imagine what she'll do if/when the offspring arrive. I predict her message will be even more clear: "No more Kitty Litter for you!"

Dar said...

What a cute story...and familiar. A calico from somewhere in our neighborhood had a litter in my barn last summer, stayed til they were weaned, as yours, and then off they went. Well, she's back and I am so glad. She is a wonderful 'mouser' and I have not once seen here near the birdfeeders. So, she can stay as long as she wishes...I wish I could bring her inside, but too many allergies in my house...of the Grand ones, that is. Enjoy the new member or member(s) of the family. You have the warmest heart.
Bless You

Lucy said...

I agree with Shirl completely. I don't know much about cats but I do know you and animals. Big hearted Paula, but That is not being critical because I am just like you.

Rose said...

oh yeah cats are way smart than us!! :)

Toon said...

Go ahead and let the cat move in. Even just the smell of cats will keep mice far away. And there are worse things in the world than a litter of kittens --- but I love animals just a little too much at times. ;) Russ

Missie said...

Should we call you grandma? Sounds like she's pregnant to me! LOL

Tabby said...

Kittens! I love kittens they will be so cute you can play with them. After that you could always get her fixed?