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Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Ole Blue

Ole Blue turns 17 on Groundhog Day. Wouldn't you think she deserves a party since her odometer is in high numbers on the second go 'round? She is still purring like a kitten though. We could invite all the other little Ford Rangers. John has two white ones and I have one beige one and Mr. L. down the street has a red one and some other neighbors have a black one. I was thinking of serving oil and grease for refreshments and then there is that pretty green windshield wiper fluid to drink. They could play tape the taco to the tail gate and jump the pot hole down the street. Whoever wins could earn a little dangle for the rearview mirror. Favors could be the cute little things people attach to their radio anntena. My beige Ford Ranger would like a tiny cowboy hat. Yes I think thats what I'll do have a birthday party for Ole Blue. At her age you just never know. John said coming home from dominoes last week after dark he almost smashed her. He didn't see a stock trailer and had to lay the rubber.


Lucy said...

Isn't it funny how we get attached to vehicles. Throw that party. They deserve it!!! Good entry

madcobug said...

LOL go ahead and throw that party. Helen

Sheila said...

I had a cowboy with hat on the antenna of my Jeep Grand Cherokee when we lived in Texas, and a tiny saddle (with Texas written on it) hanging from my rearview mirror. The cowboy hat came off after going through the car wash...forgot to take it off first...ha. I have an award for you if you'd like to snag it, Sheila

Anonymous said...


jack69 said...

I was gonna say forget it, but since everbody wants a party go ahead.hahahahahaha!

I have had a few pickups I got attached to. We towed one for awhile. Good all round vehicle!
Hug ole' Blue for us and wish her a happy birthday!
Sherry & Jack

salemslot9 said...

happy 17th, Ole Blue
my John works for Ford

Marty said...

Hi Paula,
I say, throw the party. And if Ole Blu doesn't see her shadow, you can celebrate!

Anonymous said...

well there are parties...and birthday parties...but I just bet this party will make the Buiness Book of Records??? LOL...Happy Birthday Blue....and John...watchit!!! hugs..Ora