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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Country Bumpkins Out After Dark

John and I went to the historical meeting at my hometown last night to hear a lady speak about the little berg where I was born. She is an ancester of the people the community is named after. Too bad she didn't show up so a man from San Antonio took her place and had a lot of interesting information about a house in San Antonio and future plans. When I was growing up I didn't realize I was living so close to so much history. The Battle Of Medina was supposedly fought in this area but there is doubt now , that info. is correct. A man near my hometown has been in the newspapers and TV news lately for the artifacts he has found on his property. The main article being a button he thinks is off a military man's uniform. I am puzzled though as the tableware he found looked just like what we use now. Maybe that hasn't changed that much as there were other things that looked very old. Guess I'm always a little on the Doubting Thomas side. Thinking after all these years you would think with all the plowing and growing and harvesting everything would have been found by now. Oh well I'll bet someone can tell me I'm wrong. The lady who was supposed to speak was going to talk about three families and one name is the name of the house I was born in so that is why I was so interested in hearing all this. It was nice to see an old classmate and other people I know and don't see very often. My daddy didn't own the house, he farmed the place and we were allowed to live in the house. I can remember a Christmas and an Easter there. I remember my sister being born there and I remember looking down the stairs into the basement but not going down there. I remember lighting striking the mules and javelina hogs in the field. Mama and Daddy rolling up the linoleum after moving the furniture into the yard. All their friends coming over to dance and they wouldn't let me stay up.


Donna said...


jack69 said...

Ah, it was the pits, had to go to bed!!!
I am a lot like you in the doubting area about stuff being dug up now (or in the last few years). Possible, I say (but don't believe it.LOL) Wow, lightening striking the mules!

I know you wish the lady would have made it.

TAke care,
Sherry & Jack in Florida,

Kath said...

I love to listen to history of buildings and such Paula,I would have been very interested.I do know about 30yrs ago I lost my diamond ring in the garden after turning many heaps of dirt over,so I should imagine someone one day will have a good find digging up on that land I owned.I also burried a vase which I broke accidently into small bits that was quite valuable,an old aunt gave me who was born in 1886,she was given it as a young bride from an old lady when she died,so it must have been very old.Someday someone will find old pieces of pottery.He-He.Military buttons have been found in England on many excavations,that are of worth.Have a good day.Ho wlovely you saw old classmates etc,what a great outing you had. Take Care Kath xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Paula...and how disappointing the lady didn't show...I so enjoy hearing about the past..especially if someone can name names etc...but guess it was fun to see folks you don't always bump into huh??? happy day to ya...Ora

Lucy said...

Guess what your article triggered? Do you remember the , not sure how to spell it, Chiverie. That was when a young couple got married and of course they had getting to bed on their mind being newlyweds and a bunch of neighbors would bang things together and beat on their door, just to get those people up on their wedding night. Wonder how many remember that. I am a bit of doubting thomas to.

Dar said...

What wonderful memories about your the dancing...too bad you didn't get to take part.
I love this post about the past even tho you were unable to hear more about the house you were born in. In any event, still an interesting for Lucy's chivery??? we gave one for my TX sister and her new husband when they came to her home here in WI...only the bride was a man and the groom a woman, the preacher was my aunt...a whole wedding reception was planned around the chivery. What a fun memory...thanks Lucy...Have a great day...
Blessings Be Yours

Shirl 72 said...

Rats.. had to go to bed and not dance. A no show with an explaination is unprofessional.
Jack and I lived in a town that had lots of
history. I didn't appreciate it until I was
older. We had on our mind just getting out of
school with a diploma.


Shirl 72 said...

Correcting my mistake. A no show without an
explaination is unprofessional.


Missie said...

I love learning about the history of towns! I wish we had town meetings like that. Have a good rest of your week.