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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Missing My Turtles

I don't know how many days its been since I could walk on the tank dam and look for the turtles. The last two times it was too cold for them to come out. I haven't been able to prove my theory that our turtles don't completely hibernate here in south Texas. Its been a very long time since I could sit on the side of the tank and try to pet a turtle or feed it out of my hand. I am wondering how their memory is. Will they remember that I bring food, will they still come out of the water? Will I have to train them all over again? Seems they would be lonely down in the bottom of that muddy tank. Surely they must be thinking of me. I wish!


jack69 said...

I recieved an e-mail just today from one of them,The e-mail was a little soggy but she was wondering when the heck you were coming back! LOL

Now, I know turtles, isn't that the little guy with the shell? They B smart. They B at the bottom just waiting for their mama!

Hope your weather clears up. We had heavy rains last night and heavy winds today!
Sherry & Jack

Anonymous said...

Maybe it is good for them not to be too attached; you too.

salemslot9 said...

my John said
that maybe you'll
see some baby
turtles one day

Dar said...

I'm sure they remember someone as thoughtful as yourself...up north they have no choice except to hibernate and await spring like the rest of us...but I wonder too, if they stay below all winter in TX. You have had it pretty cold there so, maybe they are just waiting for some hot sunshine...they'll be back
til then
Blessings Be Yours

Kath said...

I am sure they are missing you Paula just as you are them He-He.I don't know much about turtles.Hope you get to see them soon LOL!.Have a lovely day Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Lisa said...

They'll remember you, I have no doubt. I say this only because my turtle know exactly what is happening at all times. He knows it's time for bed when I turn off his light and sometimes he will hide in his plants if he doesn't want to come upstairs for the night. He also knows my voice and will go to the end of his house to see me. Don't sell your turtles short - they are smarter than people think and I bet they are missing you!

sober white women said...

Once it warms up I bet they will come up for their food. It has been very cold here, so we are not seeing as many critters as we use to.

Lucy said...

I bet they are looking forward to the warm weather and your food that you bring them. I hope Lucy hasn't got to skinny. lol

Anonymous said... nor beast...forgets the "hand that feeds them" LOL...I love my turtles...and they know my voice...and when I shake that feeding can...they come flying (or swimming fast) across that tank...always to the same corner...LOL..they will remember you....and they do come topside from time to time..but usually only stick out their eyes and least mine do...and oh I have to clean the tank today....or maybe tomorrow...oh well thee is always Wednesday LOLOL...hugs to ya...Ora

Donna said...

My daughter Amber loves turtles,frogs,and lizards.Snakes? NO WAY!!! HA! If Amber sees a turtle in the road, she will stop the car,get out,and pick the turtle up,and put it in the grass to where it was heading.Me? I love all animals,wild and pet,and I like reptiles.Depending on what the reptile is. HA!HA!

Shirl 72 said...

They are full and happy...Maybe they will send
one out and explain the situation and for you not worry.